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Education and Scenarios for a Post-Occidental World

Michael A. Peters & Michael Baker. Introduction. Education and Scenarios for a Post-Occidental World

Michael Baker. Modernity/Coloniality and Eurocentric Education: towards a post-Occidental self-understanding of the present

Michael A. Peters. Postmodern Educational Capitalism, Global Information Systems and New Media Networks

Michael Baker & Michael A. Peters. Dialogue on Modernity and Modern Education in Dispute

Peter Murphy. Culture, Power, and the University in the Twenty-First Century

Jan Nederveen Pieterse & Michael A. Peters. Understanding the Sources of Anti-Westernism: a dialogue between Jan Nederveen Pieterse and Michael A. Peters

Hüseyin Esen (Editor) Alejandra Sanchez, Daniel Araya, Drea Gallaga, Fungai Kanogoiwa, Hüseyin Esen, James Geary, Keecheng Choe, Khan Grogan Ullah, Lisa Carbajo, Margaret Fitzpatrick, Mercedes Pour-Previti, Michael A. Peters, Mousumi Mukherjee, Rodrigo Britez. A Post-Occidental Globe?


Andrew Kipnis. Chinese Nation-Building and the Rethinking of Globalization and Education

Mousumi Mukherjee. US Study Abroad from the Periphery to the Center of the Global Curriculum in the Information Age

Philippa Hunter. Using Vignettes as Self-reflexivity in Narrative Research of Problematised History Pedagogy

Pamela Esprívalo Harrell & Colleen McLean Eddy. Examining Mathematics Teacher Content Knowledge: policy and practice

Michael A. Peters & Tina (A.C.) Besley. The Narrative Turn and the Poetics of Resistance: towards a new language for critical educational studies

Being Young and Muslim: new cultural politics in the global South and North (Linda Herrera & Asef Bayat, Eds), reviewed by Peter Mayo
Education as Dialogue: its prerequisites and its enemies (Tasos Kazepides), reviewed by Adrienne N.P. Johnson
Ethnography and Language Policy (Teresa L. McCarty, Ed.), reviewed by Kristen L. Pratt

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Glenn Rikowski and Ruth Rikowski have a number of articles in Policy Futures in Education. These include:

Rikowski, Ruth (2003) Value – the Life Blood of Capitalism: knowledge is the current key, Policy Futures in Education, Vol.1 No.1, pp.160-178:

Rikowski, Glenn (2004) Marx and the Education of the Future, Policy Futures in Education, Vol.2 Nos. 3 & 4, pp.565-577, online at:

Rikowski, Ruth (2006) A Marxist Analysis of the World Trade Organisation’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, Policy Futures in Education, Vol.4 No.4:

Rikowski, Ruth (2008) Review Essay: ‘On Marx: An introduction to the revolutionary intellect of Karl Marx’, by Paula Allman, Policy Futures in Education,Vol.6 No.5, pp.653-661:

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Disguised as maximum fun’

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Education and Capitalism



Forthcoming Fall 2011

“This book is a breath of fresh air! The chapters take on central issues in education with a clear vision of what could be. Class, race, language and culture become not just educational ‘problems,’ but tools with which to rethink the future. A stellar addition to books in our field” —Jean Anyon, author of Marx and Education

“At a time when the capitalist class and their corporate allies in the media have waged an all-out assault on teachers, students, and public education, Education and Capitalism responds by speaking truth to power.…Drawing from the lived experiences of the editors and their students, and informed by cutting edge socio-political critique, Education and Capitalism clears the path for a new understanding of the current assault on public schooling and points towards important directions if we are to save it.” —Peter McLaren, author of Che Guevara, Paulo Freire, and the Pedagogy of  Revolution 

In the first decade of the twenty-first century, a conservative, bipartisan consensus dominates about what’s wrong with our schools and how to fix them. In each case, those solutions scapegoat teachers, vilify our unions, and promise more private control and market mentality as the answer. In each case, students lose—especially students of color and the children of the working class and the poor.

This book, written by teacher activists, speaks back to that elite consensus. It draws on the ideas and experiences of social justice educators concerned with fighting against racism and for equality, and those of activists oriented on recapturing the radical roots of the labor movement. Informed by a revolutionary vision of pedagogy, schools, and education, it paints a radical critique of education in Corporate America, past and present, and contributes to a vision of alternatives for education andliberation. Inside are essays that trace Marxist theories of education under capitalism; outline the historical educational experiences of emergent bilingual and African American students; recap the history of teachers’ unions; analyze the neoliberal attack on public schools under Obama; critically appraise Paolo Freire’s legacy; and make the historical link between social revolution and struggles for literacy.

With contributions from:
Rose Aguilar
Megan Behrent
Bill Bigelow
Michele Bollinger
John T. Green
Jesse Hagopian
Adrienne Johnstone
Brian Jones
Jessie Muldoon
Gillian Russom
Adam Sanchez
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Elizabeth Terzakis
Dan Trocolli

Sarah Knopp is a public high school teacher inLos Angeles and an activist with United Teachers Los Angeles.

Jeff Bale is assistant professor of second language education at Michigan State University. Their work has appeared in Rethinking Schools, International Socialist Review, and CounterPunch

Available Fall 2011 |Trade paper | $17.00 | 220 pages | ISBN: 9781608461646 | Published by Haymarket Books | | | 773-583-7884

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Education As Culture Machine



This is the title of a new article by Glenn Rikowski.


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Rikowski, G. (2008) Education As Culture Machine, posted to the Volumizer on 25th September:


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