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Call for Papers: American Journal of Cultural Sociology

American Journal of Cultural Sociology, Р.О. Box 208265 New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8265 Campus mail: 493 College Street

Special issue on Inequality

The American Journal of Cultural Sociology plans a special issue devoted to inequality.

Inequality has come roaring back onto the public agenda, punctuated by Barack Obama’s December 2013 claim that income inequality is “a defining challenge of our time”. But if the new object of civil concern is economic, the nature of that concern remains centrally cultural.

What is the new culture structure that informs contemporary discussions about inequality? Can the new focus on inequality be conceived as a discourse? What are its narratives, codes, metaphors, and iconic representations? What is the meaning of polluted inequality that emerges? What historical narratives about equality and inequality inspire it, what myths of a gold age, what analogies to earlier dark periods? How are the new elites symbolically constructed? How do they construct themselves, their worthiness, and those on the other, less fortunate side? Is there a new “culture of inequality” that justifies contemporary stratification? How do disenfranchised economic groups narrate their own situations, as well as those on the other side? If the old working class has been decimated, are new counter-publics forming out of these dominated economic groups? The editors of AJCS would welcome papers on any of these concerns.

The deadline for paper submissions is September 1, 2015. Papers will be subject to peer review. Authors are requested to consult the instructions for authors on the journal website and to submit their contributions through our online submission system:

We welcome short email queries about the appropriateness of contributions to this special issue at For further information on the journal and to explore its existing content, aims and scope, please visit



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