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Issue 69 of ‘New Formations: A Journal of Culture/Theory/Politics’

Imperial Ecologies

Guest Editor: Ashley Dawson
New Formations 69 offers a timely and urgent set of contributions towards the development of ‘political ecology’. Despite a history of sporadic engagements, cultural theory and cultural studies has rarely dealt thoroughly with ecological issues, tending to retreat into its habitual scepticism regarding anything that might smell of naturalism. The fact that ecological questions frame all of the urgent political debates of our epoch, as well as animating some of the most dynamic areas of critical thought, surely means that this situation cannot continue. This collection begins to address the issues.


Jeremy Gilbert

Ashley Dawson
Introduction: New Enclosures

George Caffentzis
The Future Of ‘The Commons’: Neoliberalism’s ‘Plan B’ Or The Original Disaccumulation Of Capital?

Crystal Bartolovich
A Natural History Of ‘Food Riots’

Rob Nixon
Unimagined Communities: Developmental Refugees, Megadams And Monumental Modernity

Peter Hitchcock
Oil In An American Imaginary

Morten Tønnessen
The Global Species

Sian Sullivan
‘Ecosystem Service Commodities’ – A New Imperial Ecology? Implications For Animist Immanent Ecologies, With Deleuze And Guattari

Leerom Medovoi
A Contribution To The Critique Of Political Ecology: Sustainability As Disavowal

Brett Neilsen and Ben Dibbley
Climate Crisis And The Actuarial Imaginary: ‘The War On Global Warming’

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