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Forum for Promoting 3-19 Comprehensive Education – Issue 51

Just published online at [printed copies will be posted at the end of June]
FORUM: for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education
Volume 51 Number 2 2009     ISSN 0963-8253


Clyde Chitty. Editorial. A Game of Snakes and Ladders

Susanne Wiborg. The Enduring Nature of Egalitarian Education in Scandinavia: an English perspective

Anna Traianou. The Uncertain Character of Recent Educational Reform in Greece

Derek Gillard. Short and Fraught: the history of primary education in England

Michael Armstrong. Playful Words: the educational significance of children’s linguistic and literary play

Patrick Yarker. Happy Fiasco! The National Curriculum Tests of 2008, and After

Richard Pring. Education Cannot Compensate for Society: reflections on the Nuffield Review of 14-19 Education and Training

Richard Harris. Southampton: a case study on why Academies are not the answer

Clyde Chitty. Opposition Education Policies

Chris Searle. Mandela, Manchester: a response to establishment pessimism

Emma Snowden. Enjoy and Achieve: finding opportunities to action the Every Child Matters framework to provide opportunities for children and adults to work collaboratively on an outdoor learning project

Clive Griggs. The Switch to Private Pension Plans for Teachers, 1982-2002: a case of freedom of choice or financial scandal?

Clyde Chitty. Initial Teacher Training or Education? ITT or ITE?

The Professionals: better teachers, better schools (Phil Revell), reviewed by Derek Gillard


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Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

The Flow of Ideas:

The Ockress:

Marxism 2009 – A Festival of Resistance




Marxism 2009 – a festival of resistance

Thursday 2nd – Monday 6th July 2009, central London



Phone: 020 7819 1190

Over 1,000 people have already bought tickets for Marxism 2009. We are now entering the last full week of the £5 discount on Marxism tickets: get yours now at: or call us in the office on 020 7819 1190.

With the current £5 discount, prices are: Waged – £40, Unwaged – £27, HE student – £20, FE student – £10.

Remember, if you can’t afford to pay now but want to get the £5 discount you can register before 31st March and postdate your payment – just give us a call in the office: 020 7819 1190.

Highlights include:

* Alex Callinicos vs Slavoj Zizek – a debate on “What does it mean to be a revolutionary today?”

* David Harvey on Marx’s Capital and debating Chris Harman on “The crisis of neoliberalism”

* Tariq Ali on Pakistan’s deepening crisis

* Terry Eagleton on “Socialism and culture”

* Sheila Rowbotham discusses pioneering gay rights campaigner Edward Carpenter

* Gary Younge speaks on Obama’s rise to power

* Ghada Karmi participates in a course of meetings on Palestinian liberation

* Michael Billington and Sam West take part in a tribute to Harold Pinter

* Bernadette McAliskey speaks 40 years on from her election to parliament and the Battle of the Bogside

* John Bellamy Foster takes part in a course on “Marx and Darwin” and speaks on Marxist ecology

Other participants include: Tony Benn, Paul Gilroy, Eamonn McCann, Mark Serwotka, Sally Hunt, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Nick Broomfield, Michael Rosen, Istvan Meszaros, Roy Bailey and David Ferrard, Pat Devine, Danny Dorling, Zoe Williams, David Edgar, Haifa Zangana, Steven Rose, Ambalavaner Sivanandan, Ben Fine, Ron Oppenheim and Natalie Adler, Jeremy Dear, Ludi Simpson, Leo Zeilig, Graham Turner, Chris Searle, Adam Tooze, Costas Lapavitsas, Omar Puente… and many more!

Courses and meetings include: Capital for beginners * The Marxist method * The economic crisis – causes, consequences and questions * Resistance and recession in Britain * The culture of crisis * The International Socialist tradition * 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet block – before, during and after * Islam and Islamism * Lenin and Leninism * Trotsky * Revolution and beyond * Racism, segregation and multiculturalism * British society today * The fight against fascism * Women’s liberation * LGBT rights * The US – then and now * China – from Mao to markets * Imperialism today and the “war on terror” * Pakistan * Voices from the Middle East * Palestine’s fight for freedom * Latin America * Africa * Climate Change – saving the planet * Darwin and Marx – evolution revolution * Education * Students and the struggle * Capitalism and the media



Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

The Flow of Ideas: