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2012, Issue #5
Democracy: Critiques and Prospects

English Introduction

Part I.  Reflections and Critiques of Bourgeois Democracy

WANG Shaoguang: Reflections on Democratic Systems
Interview with WANG Hui: Contradictions, Systemic Crisis and Directions for Change
HAN Yuhai: Constitutional Rule and the Proletarian State

Part II. Experiments and Practices Beyond Bourgeois Democracy

CAO Haohan: Lenin, the Soviet and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
Fred ENGST: An Analysis of the Relationship between the Working Class and Its Party in the Socialist Period
YAN Hairong: Reflection is not Demonization: A Conversation with Cao Zhenglu about His New Novel Lessons in Democracy (excerpted)
George LAMBIE: The Cuban Revolution in the 21st Century (abridged and excerpted)
Marta HARNECKER: Popular power in Latin America — Inventing in order to not make errors (abridged and excerpted)
Appendix: Democratic Experiments in Venezuela


Part III. Reflections on Democratic Transitions

CHENG, Tun-Jen: Is the dog barking?: The middle class and democratic movements in the East Asian NICs
Przemyslaw WIELGOSZ: 25 Years of Solidarity – From Workers Revolution to Capitalism
HUANG De-bei: Taiwan’s Democratization: Experiences and Reflection (abridged and excerpted)
Samir AMIN: Movement in Egypt: Wang Hui and Lau Kin Chi’s Conversation with Amin (abridged and excerpted)
James PETRAS/Henry VELTMEYER: Uprisings and Regime Change in the Arab World (Beyond Neoliberalism: A World to Win)


Part IV. Debate: Views and Analyses on Democracy in China

Some Notable Proposals for China’s Political Change
Barry SAUTMAN and YAN Hairong: The ‘Right Dissident’: Liu Xiaobo and the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize
Christopher McNALLY and Teresa WRIGHT: Sources of Social Support for China’s Current Political Order: The ‘Thick Embeddedness’ of China’s Private Capital Holders

Part V.  On Village Elections

ZHANG Deyuan: When it is Time Again for Our Village Election Experience. Rural Grassroots Election: Clans, Violence, and Bribery
ZHANG Chenghao: A Migrant’s Diary: Struggles for Interest in Rural Elections Turn White-Hot


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