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Radical Footnotes: Periodical for the Narrative of Working-Class Publishing 

The new issue of Radical Footnotes No 3 is just off the press. Long overdue thanks to the peccadilloes of the members of the finance community.

This number contains a piece on Chas. H. Kerr and Joseph Ishill.

Carl Slienger (Editor)

Radical Footnotes: is a periodical for the narrative of working class-publishing. ISSN 1757-4803 Published by Carl Slienger, PO Box 4ST, London W1A 4ST. The British subscription rate is £9.00 for four issues. Overseas rates from publisher. Email:

THE HISTORY of working class publishing is a fascinating and important part of working class history which is reflected in this new specialised periodical. The ability to maintain a publishing programme is a vital necessity for any working class organisation. This has often been carried out in the face of immense difficulties. Bailiffs hammering at the printer’s door are the least of the problems afflicting the left press. Boycotts by advertisers and commercial distributors have been the norm rather than the exception.

Radical Footnotes is the only research and essay publication focused on the study of the forms, methods and praxis in the development of Working-Class publishing and allied industries. It covers all aspects, all periods and all languages of the transmission, dissemination, reception and recovery of the printed word.

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