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Information Technology

Information Technology


Greener Journals


The Greener Journals (GJ) is a publisher of multidisciplinary peer-reviewed Journals that publishes monthly ( GJ is dedicated to increasing the depth of research across all areas of its Journals. GJ has commenced publication of books online (see below). See our list of Journals below.

Call for Papers

IGJ welcomes the submission of manuscripts for each of our Journals
IGJ will publish in PDF and HTML Format:
* Original articles in basic and applied research
* Case studies
* Critical reviews, surveys, opinions, commentaries and essays

See Authors Instructions. Please ensure your manuscript is in the format stated in the Authors Instructions before submitting it. Also ensure the references are cited according to our pattern.

We can send you a hard copy of our publication if requested.

Benefits you stand to gain:
1.    Greener Journals publishes manuscripts at the lowest fees and charges (now 50 USD per manuscript) and still maintains a unique quality.
2.    We will give you a quality peer review process. Rather than outright rejection of your manuscript, we will put all efforts to ensure your manuscript is revised and good for publication.
3.    We are known for speed in processing manuscripts. Depending on the depth of corrections to be made on your manuscript, your manuscript can be ready for publication 3 – 6 weeks after submission of manuscript. However authors should be timely in their responses to the various editorial processes.
4.    A higher priority can be given to your manuscripts if you need them published as soon as possible.
5.    Our authors stand a better chance of getting appointments into our editorial board.
6.    We have added more renowned editors and reviewers worldwide to our editorial team.

We invite you to submit your manuscript(s) to and for publication in the Maiden Issue. Following acceptance, a paper will 
normally be published in the next issue. Instruction for authors and other details are available on our website. We are ready to receive your manuscripts anytime of the year.

Suggested Reviewers:
You can suggest 2 to 4 reviewers that can review your manuscript. 
Please provide the reviewer’s names and email as you submit your manuscript.

Fees and Charges:
We now charge a regular fee of 50 USD to process a manuscript and an optional fee of 50 USD for a hard copy. Processing and publishing can be concluded within three weeks to six weeks.
We also encourage you to gather and submit large numbers of manuscripts for publication to get a discount in publication charges.
Bulk Manuscripts that have already been reviewed and edited but meet ‘up to publication’ standards can also be submitted for a publication. 
Publication fee will be subject to negotiation. Hard copies can also be customized to meet the needs of your organisation. An interval of a week or two will be adequate to send the proof copies to you for verification and then for us to publish them. Please contact the accounts department ( to negotiate a price.

Greener Journals now publishes e-books online. We welcome the submission of books with topics related to our e-book’s categories. We do proper editing and review of books.
Submit your e-books as e-mail attachment to our editorial office emails: or A processing fee of 50 USD will apply on submission. Books can be published within 1-3 weeks after submission and payment.
In alliance with the authors, we will publish books either as free e-books or with a price tag. Free e-books in PDF will be downloadable by interested readers internationally without a cost. Books sold on our website will only be delivered to buyer as an email attachment. 
Our marketing strategies will allow you earn good from sales of your e-book on our website.
Authors can submit books to be published as free e-books on our website or they can as well submit their book to be sold on our website for a lifetime commission from each sale made via our website. 
There are no print copies.

To see a published sample, use the link

Our Journals:

Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences
All subjects including: Agriculture, Plant culture, Forestry, Horticulture, Animal culture, Date Palm, Food Technology, Plant Breeding, Soil Sciences, Aquaculture, Fisheries.

Greener Journal of Medical Sciences
All subjects including: Medicine, Human anatomy, cytology & histology Human physiology, Pathology, Internal medicine, Pharmacy, Pharmacology & therapeutics, Medicine (Clinical):   Surgery & related medical specialties, Gynecology related medical specialties,  Experimental medicine Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Pediatrics Public health: Promotion of health, Incidence & prevention of disease, Epidemiology, Dentistry, Pharmacology,  Pharmacy,  Nursing

Greener Journal of Business and Management Studies
All subjects including: Accounting, Finance, Public Finance, Banking, Finance Management, Commerce, Business Administration & Management

Greener Journal of Physical Sciences
Physics all specialties including: Mechanics, Electricity & Electronics, Modern physics, Nuclear Physics
Chemistry all subjects including: Biochemistry, Analytical chemistry, Crystallography, Astronomy
Astronomy & allied sciences:  Earth (Astronomical geography), Mathematical geography, Astro-geology, Astro-physics Earth, Atmosphere and Marine Sciences, Earth sciences & Allied Sciences, Geology, hydrology, meteorology, Petrology, Mineralogy, Economic geology, Paleontology- Paleozoology, Paleobotany, Oceanography, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Sciences & related disciplines, Information Technology, Software Engineering

Greener Journal of Social Sciences
Anthropology including: Physical anthropology, Archaeology,  Economics, Statistics, Political Science, International Relations,  Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Criminology, Administrative sciences including Public Administration, Library and Archival Sciences, History, Geography, Statistics, Religious Studies, Education, Law and Legislature.

Greener Journal of Science Engineering and Technology Research
Technology includes Management engineering, Management information systems Ergonomics, Technical & Vocational education, Industrial research. Engineering including: Industrial engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil engineering, Bioengineering, Agriculture Engineering, Systems 
engineering, Environmental engineering, Engineering economy, engineering meteorology,
Applied mechanics, Acoustical engineering, Structural engineering, Engineering geology, Transportation engineering, Applied optics, Photonics Plasma engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Environmental Engineering Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronics, Nuclear 
engineering Aeronautics, Astronautics, Mining engineering, Metallurgy

Greener Journal of Biological Sciences
Evolution & genetics, Microbiology, Botanical sciences, Botany, Paleobotany
Zoological sciences: Zoology, Paleo-zoology
Marine Sciences (Biological Aspects): Biological Anthropology, Biotechnology
Biochemistry, Proteomics

Greener Journal of Art and Humanities
Fine Arts, Photography, Recreational & performing arts, Music, Physical Education and sports, Languages and Literature, Museology (Museum science), Journalism, Advertisement, Mass communication.

Greener Journal of Petroleum and Gas Exploration
Journal of Geology and Meteorology Studies
Journal of World Peace, Security and Development
Greener Journal of Computer Sciences
Greener Journal of Educational Research
Greener Journal of Law and Legislature
Greener Journal of Oceanography
Journal of Internet, Information and Communication Systems
Greener Journal of Sport Sciences
Greener Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health
Greener Journal of Environmental Management and Public Safety
Greener Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Greener Journal of Economics and Accountancy

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