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Neil Whitehead

Neil Whitehead


Photography Exhibition: How I Learnt To Love The Seagulls

By Neil Philip Whitehead

The Window Gallery

Jubilee Library


Saturday 9th January 2016



How I Learnt To Love The Seagulls is a whimsical yet in-depth study of the birds that are hard to avoid seeing. The series combines genres of photography using studio, street, and nature photography and experiments with ways of displaying photography. The work is humorous, emotive, beautiful and even political, and is an untypical look at our most noticeable wildlife.

114 framed C-Prints printed on Matt Fujicolor Professional, 1 Hard Back Silk Lustre Book.

Brighton Jubilee Library.

Window Gallery, inside and out.

There will be snacks, wine, and a nice time on
Saturday 9th 2:30pm til 4:30.

If you can’t make it to that, the exhibition will be on show
4th January 2016 until 10th of January 2016.

10am to 7pm – Monday to Thursday
10am to 5pm – Friday to Sunday.

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‘Human Herbs’ – a song by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

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