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Thinking through Spinoza: A research symposium

Friday 24 May, Room 3.20 Arts 2 Building
School of Politics and IR, Queen Mary, University of London

Spinoza’s philosophy continues to be an important reference point for scholars working within the Humanities. The symposium reflects this diversity of engagements with Spinoza, and brings together scholars working within political theory, philosophy, architecture, and the visual cultures. The symposium asks ‘How might we think with/through Spinoza today? The speakers’ responses reflect some of the most exciting and innovative approaches being developed through Spinoza’s thought today.


9.30-10.00:        Arrival, coffee, and registration

10.00-10.15:      Opening Remarks: Thinking, through Spinoza – Dr Caroline Williams (SPIR, QMUL)
10.15-11.30:      ‘Vital materialism: Spinoza after Deleuze’, Professor Rosi Braidotti (Director, Centre for the Humanities, Utrecht)
Chair:                Professor Diana Coole, (Politics, Birkbeck)

11.30-11.45        Coffee

11.45-1.15:        ‘Spinoza’s concept of equality’: Dr Beth Lord (Philosophy, Aberdeen); and ‘Spinoza’s Geometric Ecologies’, Dr Peg Rawes (Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL)
Chair:                Dr Filippo del Lucchese (Politics, Brunel)

1.15-2.15           LUNCH (Arts Two Senior Common Room, 4th floor)

2.15-3.45           ‘Jura communia as anima imperii: the symptomatic relationship between law and conflict in Spinoza’ Dr Filippo del Lucchese (Politics, Brunel); and ‘Spinoza and the Production of Subjectivity (or, the Three Kinds of Knowledge, and the Passage Between)’ Dr Simon O’Sullivan (Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths)
Chair:                Dr Beth Lord (Philosophy, Aberdeen)

3.45-4.00    COFFEE

4.00-5.15           ‘Spinoza and Art’, Professor Moira Gatens (Philosophy, Sydney)
Chair:                Dr Caroline Williams (SPIR, QMUL)

5.15-6.30    Closing Remarks (Dr Caroline Williams (SPIR, QMUL) followed
by a wine reception for all participants (ArtsTwo SCR)

To register for the event, or for further information, click on the following link:

Best Wishes,

Dr Caroline Williams
School of Politics & International Relations Queen Mary, University of
327 Mile End Road
London E1 4NS
United Kingdom




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