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Herbert Marcuse

Herbert Marcuse


London, 6-7 May, 2014

Venue: Woburn Suite (G22/26, Ground Floor), Institute of Philosophy, University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU


Invited Speakers:

Prof. Dr Axel Honneth
Institute for Social Research/University of Frankfurt/Columbia University

Prof. Lois McNay
Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford

Dr David McNeill
School of Philosophy and Art History, University of Essex

Dr Jörg Schaub
School of Philosophy and Art History, University of Essex

Dr Timo Jütten
School of Philosophy and Art History, University of Essex

Prof. Michael Rosen
Department of Government, Harvard University



This event is jointly organised and funded by the Department of Philosophy, The Open University, the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford, and the School of Philosophy and Art History, University of Essex.

Full programme details and venue directions.

The symposium is free but requires registration.

To register, please email your name and affiliation to

For further information, please contact Dr Manuel Dries at manuel.dries at




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Theodor Adorno

Theodor Adorno




Stream on Marx and the Frankfurt School: New Perspectives and their Contemporary Relevance

May 6-8, 2013

John Felice, Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago

Recent years have seen a flourishing of new perspectives on the contemporary relevance of Karl Marx’s thought. Very little of this thought has been applied to the relationship between Marx and the work of the Frankfurt School. Instead much of the work on Marx and the Frankfurt School is still approached through paradigms such as the Marxist Humanist discourse of alienation or of scholarly interpretations established by Jurgen Habermas, Martin Jay and Gillian Rose. This stream aims to bring together the best contemporary scholarship offering new perspectives on the relationship between Marx and the FrankfurtSchool and to consider the contemporary relevance of this relationship.

Possible topics include:

·      New assessments of the relationship between Marx and major figures from the Frankfurt School including Horkheimer, Adorno, Benjamin, Marcuse, Habermas and Honneth.

·      New assessments of the relationship between Marx and minor figures from the Frankfurt School including: Sohn-Rethel, Kracauer, Kirchheimer, Löwenthal Neumann, Pollack, Wittfogel, Negt, Kluge, Schmidt, Backhaus, Reichelt.

 ·      Comparative accounts of different figures from the Frankfurt School’s interpretation of Marx.

 ·      New assessments of theories central to Marx and thinkers from the Frankfurt School such as critique, society, reification, second nature, natural history, commodification, fetishism, value, money, exchange, equivalence, ideology, domination, class, capital, social reproduction, epistemology, subjectivity etc.

 ·      New assessments of the reception and the influence of the Frankfurt School’s relation to Marx in national and international contexts.

 ·      Importance that the ideas of Marx and the Frankfurt School have for contemporary theories of capital, social domination, subjectivity, the state, epistemology, class, critical pedagogy, emancipatory politics, and issues of crisis, social reproduction, ecological catastrophe etc.

 ·      Criticisms different Marxisms or critical theories might have of thinkers from the FrankfurtSchool.

 ·      Criticisms the thinkers from the FrankfurtSchool might have of Marx and different Marxisms.

 ·      Productive and elective affinities between Marx, figures from the Frankfurt School and other Marxists such as Bataille, Bensaid, Foucault, Open Marxism, Althusser, Heinrich, Kurz, Dieter Wolf, Castoriadis, Illyenkov, Bogdanov, etc.

 ·      Productive and elective affinities between Marx, figures from the Frankfurt School and other Marxist schools such as Autonomism, Political Marxism, Open Marxism, communisation and value-form theory.


If you are interested in presenting a paper or organizing a panel (of up to 5 speakers), please submit a 1-2 page abstract by February 28, 2013 (including name and institutional affiliation). Abstracts should be submitted by email to the stream coordinator Chris O’Kane at

Decisions regarding the program will be made by March 2013.


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Glenn Rikowski’s paper, Critical Pedagogy and the Constitution of Capitalist Society has been published at Heathwood Press as a Monthly Guest Article for September 2012, online at:


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Studies in Social and Political Thought is a peer-reviewed, biannual journal produced by postgraduate students, many of whom are based at the University of Sussex,UK.

The journal seeks to foster and promote interdisciplinarity in social and political thought, in addition to providing a publishing platform to junior academics. The journal is presently produced and supported by the Centre for Social and Political Thought at the University of Sussex. Our international advisory board includes Robert Pippin, Axel Honneth, Seyla Benhabib, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Fredric Jameson, Homi Bhabha, Alessandro Ferrara, William Outhwaite, Simon Jarvis, Shadia Drury, Martin Jay, Adriana Cavarero, James Gordon Finlayson, Robert Goodin, and Andrew Chitty.

We are currently soliciting papers for SSPT 20. The deadline for submissions is December 21st, 2012. SSPT is unique in its dedication to helping postgraduate researchers and early stage academics find a publishing outlet. We encourage those working in the broad areas of social and political thought to submit their work for consideration.

Articles should be 5,000-7,000 words. Style guidelines are available via our website:

Please send your submissions or address any queries to




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Critical Hope


We warmly welcome your participation: 

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA / USA
27-29 October 2011

The CALL FOR PAPERS & PARTICIPATION for the “Critical Refusals” conference is available at: 

ABSTRACTS & PROPOSALS due by 23 April 2011

Featured speakers (confirmed) include:

Angela Davis
Stanley Aronowitz
Alex Callinicos
Enrique Dussel
Andrew Feenberg
Michelle Fine
Axel Honneth
Peter-Erwin Jansen
Douglas Kellner
Heather Love
Peter Marcuse
Charles Mills
Nina Power
David Roediger

If you would like for me to send you an email attachment of the CALL FOR PAPERS (in pdf and Word formats), please send your email to:

Thank you.
Andy Lamas

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Conference announcement, please distribute widely:
Conference of the International Hegel Association 2011
June 22 to 25, 2011
Stuttgart, Germany

As every six years, the International Hegel Association will hold its traditional conference in Stuttgart in June 2011, bringing together philosophers from all over the world to discuss central issues of Hegel’s thought in the context of contemporary research. In 2011, the overarching topic will be “Freedom”.

Registration for this conference will be open soon. Please register for e-mail announcements at, at our Facebook page, or on Twitter

Speakers include (as of November 2010): David Bakhurst, Harald Bluhm, William Bristow, Daniel Brudney, Hauke Brunkhorst, Thomas Buchheim, Andrew Chitty, Giuseppe Duso, Dina Emundts, Franck Fischbach, Lisa Herzog, Gunnar Hindrichs, Axel Honneth, Stephen Houlgate, Rahel Jaeggi, Jean-Francois Kervégan, Andrea Kern, Rudolf Langthaler, Charles Larmore, Cardinal Karl Lehrmann, Marcus Llanque, Steven Lukes, Scott Meikle, Francesca Menegoni, Christoph Menke, Fred Neuhouser, Andrew Norris, Angelica Nuzzo, Claus Offe, Philip Pettit, Terry Pinkard, Michael Quante, Birgit Recki, Paul Redding, Peter Rohs, Michael Rosen, Sebastian Rödl, Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch, Sally Sedgwick, Martin Seel, Ludwig Siep, Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer, Robert Stern, Holm Tetens, Dieter Thomä, Peter van Inwagen, R. Jay Wallace, David Wellbery and Marcus Willaschek.

There will be 12 panels on:

Freedom and First Nature;

Freedom and Second Nature;

Freedom and Determinism;

Social and Individual Freedom;

Freedom as Autonomy;

Republican Freedom;

Freedom and the Market;

Freedom and Law;


Hegel’s Philosophy of Right;

Aesthetic Freedom, and

Freedom of Religion

Additionally, there will be a panel dedicated to discussion about translating Hegel chaired by Jean-Pierre Lefebvre.

There will also be an opportunity for younger scholars to present their work in three panels chaired by Andreas Arndt, Rolf-Peter Horstmann and Beatrice Longuenesse.

A Call for Papers will be announced soon over the communication channels indicated above.

The conference team can be reached at

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Volume 2 Number 2 2010       ISSN 1757-7438


John Preston. Concrete and Abstract Racial Domination

Damien Page. Power and Resistance in Further Education: findings from a study of first-tier managers

Shirley R. Steinberg, with Joe L. Kincheloe. Power, Emancipation, and Complexity: employing critical theory

Alan Cottey. The Shadow of the Bomb: a study of degree-level nuclear physics textbooks

Laurette Bristol. Practising in betwixt Oppression and Subversion: plantation pedagogy as a legacy of plantation economy in Trinidad and Tobago

Katherine R. Evans, Jessica Lester & Amy D. Broemmel. Talking Back to Scripted Curricula: a critical performance ethnography with teachers’ collective narratives

James Avis. Education, Governance and the ‘New’ Professionalism: radical possibilities?

Andrew Lambirth. Class Consciousness, Power, Identity, and the Motivation to Teach


Habermas, Honneth and Education: the significance of Jürgen Habermas’s and Axel Honneth’s critical theories to education (Rauno Huttunen), reviewed by Mark Murphy

Racially Equitable Teaching: beyond the whiteness of professional development for early childhood educators (Mary E. Earick), reviewed by Laurie Carlson Berg

Going Beyond the Theory/Practice Divide in Early Childhood Education: introducing an intra-active pedagogy (Hillevi Lenz Taguchi), reviewed by Barbara McNeil

Reflexive Research and the (Re)Turn of the Baroque (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the University) (Cate Watson), reviewed by Ian Stronach

Access to the full texts of current articles is restricted to those who have a Personal subscription, or those whose institution has a Library subscription. However, all articles become free-to-view 18 months after publication.

PERSONAL SUBSCRIPTION (single-user access). Subscription to Volume 3, 2011, which includes not only full access to the articles in Volume 3, Numbers 1-3, but also ALL back numbers (including those of 2010) is available to individuals at a cost of US$50.00. If you wish to subscribe you may do so immediately at

LIBRARY SUBSCRIPTION (institution-wide access). If you are working within an institution that maintains a Library, please urge them to take out a subscription so that we can provide access throughout your institution; details of subscription rates and access control arrangements for libraries can be found at

For all editorial matters, including articles offered for publication, please contact the journal’s Editor, Dr Michael Watts (

In the event of problems concerning a subscription, or difficulty in gaining access to the journal articles on the website, please email the publishers at

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