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A Call for Chapters for an upcoming book … feel free to be creative with the formats!

The book is:

Only Connect … discovery pathways, library explorations, and the information adventure

A collection of information discovery journeys.
Andrew Walsh & Emma Coonan
A call for chapter submissions for an anarcho-narrative book about Information Discovery Journeys.
Full details on

Learning is about creating relationships between entities and establishing a narrative that makes sense of the world

Research is about juxtaposing entities that were previously unrelated

The book will consist of a series of narratives connected by the over arching theme of information discovery journeys. The authors of the individual chapters are free to decide the most appropriate structure to tell these stories about information discovery, whether that is traditional textual formats, more free form text (e.g. transcripts of social media interactions; poetry; illustrative fictional prose), through images, video, or whatever media seems appropriate to the author.

The text will be electronic by default, available freely under CC license (see note Print on demand versions will be made available if deemed appropriate when editing the finished text.

Contributors will be selected by the editors after submitting a proposal to the call for papers. Final submissions will be subject to the lightest possible editing, in conjunction with the author, to insure the integrity of the original submission is maintained.

Please send a title and short description (around 200 words) of the chapter you propose to the editors at: <>

Include the topics you would cover, the structure your chapter would take and any special format or structure your contribution would require. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Call for Papers ends 1st March
First Drafts due 1st June
Book published Autumn 2013

Bypassing established publisher routes means that our ‘unbook’ can be:
*         Creative Commons licensed, giving contributors recognition and making the material immediately free and sharable online
*         Multimedia – contributors pick their preferred format: prose, video, images, Storify’d tweets, graphs, data … (print-on-demand an option for textual parts, linking to additional non-textual material via an app such as Aurasma. Details of this to be confirmed at a later date.)
*         Free of the writing conventions imposed by traditional publishers – contributors can retain their own voice, choose the length of their contribution, use whatever format they prefer

Note on licensing: We will ask authors / contributors to sign a simple agreement to allow us rights to publish their contribution and to permit others to use the contents of the book under CC licence Contributors will retain copyright over their work.
Andrew Walsh MSc MCLIP FHEA
Academic Librarian, University Teaching Fellow, National Teaching Fellow
Music, Humanities, Media, Education and Professional Development.
Information Literacy Practitioner of the Year, 2012



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