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Anarchist Bookfair


We have now booked the venue for the 2011 Book Fair. We will, for the fifth year running, be holding the event at Queen Mary College, University of London, on the Mile End Road.

The date for the 2011 Book Fair will be SATURDAY 22nd OCTOBER from 10am to 7pm.

If you or your group are involved in anything connected with anarchist theory or practice and want to book a stall or meeting we will be taking bookings from about June/July onwards. Please visit us again then for a booking form. 

This year, apart from the wide variety of anarchist groups and individuals having meetings, we are hoping to have a few surprises. 

We need help publicising the Bookfair far and wide this year. We want to get more people along to find out what we all do and say. We want to aim at those who may not have heard much about anarchism, apart from the rubbish on the TV.

We want to continue to make anarchism a threat again. So, if you can help by taking leaflets or posters to distribute (especially in London) please email us at letting us know how many you want and we will get them to you.

A big thank you to everyone who helped make last year’s bookfair run smoothly.  Last year we have nearly 60 meetings, over 100 stalls, an all day cabaret starring assorted ranters, poets, singers and comics; all day film showings and, two kids spaces. We are planning more of the same in 2011.

Due to building works at the university we will be holding the bookfair in a different part of the venue – but still on the same site in Mile End Road. All the activities will now be in one building rather than spread out over a number of building. This will be much better especially for parents and kids as the crèche and older kids space have been quite a way from the rest of us before.

It will also mean all the meeting rooms are now totally accessible for wheelchair users. If you have any other access requirements, please let us know in advance if possible so we can meet your needs. If you are Deaf and require BSL interpreting and/or speech-to-text provision, please give us as much notice as possible and we will do our best to organise these. To discuss any specific access needs, please contact us at
We will be having loads going on – so check the website, for a run down of the meetings and other events nearer the time. More will be added the nearer we get to October. 

This is all organised by a small collective – so any help before or on the day is very much appreciated. We always need your help to break even – so, any donations or funds from benefit gigs would come in very handy.

If you missed last years Bookfair, listen to the audio clips below to get a flavour of how things went. The first clip is a pre-Bookfair interview by Robert Elms with one of the organisers. The second is an interview during the Bookfair between another organiser and the journalist John Pilger.

Finally there is a link to the London Indymedia site where there are a number of audio links to talks and meetings as well as some video interviews with some of the 2010 bookfair speakers:

Robert Elms interviewing Tony Wood

Jane Ferrie interviewing John Pilger

2010 Anarchist Bookfair talks and interviews

Please note, our new email address is now mail [@]

Getting to the venue: The venue is Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS.

If you are coming by public transport the following buses stop near the college on Mile End Road: 25; 205; 339.

If you are coming by tube the two nearest stations are Mile End (central line / Hammersmith & City line or District line) or Stepney Green (Hammersmith & City line or District line). From Mile End tube come out of station and turn left. Walk along Mile End Road until you get to Harford Street and entrance to venue is opposite Harford Road. From Stepney Green tube come out of station and turn left. Walk along Mile End Road and venue entrance is on your left opposite Harford Road.

See: map of the venue and surrounding area. 

Last Word

Anarchists all over the UK are putting on successful events – bookfairs in Bristol, Manchester, Bradford, Norwich, Oxford, Sheffield and Durham as well as Newcastle’s Projectile festival. No-one can say that anarchists can’t organise. These are great social events and a real opportunity to spread anarchist ideas as well as debating them. 

We know anarchist politics aren’t only about organising a bookfair. All of us in the Bookfair collective would choose a big, effective, militant anarchist movement over a successful bookfair. Let’s use these events to take things forward.

Anarchist Book Fair:

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Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies
Volume 2010.1 – “Post-anarchism Today”

Edited by Duane Rousselle & Süreyyya Evren

We have been witnessing a growing interest in the development of a distinctly ‘anarchist studies’ approach to scholarship. Along with this, divergent disciplines are beginning to take anarchist scholarship more seriously. We are beginning to get the sense that, as anarchists, our work is rapidly coming to be defined as the radical position within various ‘schools’ of radical studies. Within this shift, there has been an expansion within the anarchist rubric toward more vibrant and diverse contributions: non-anarchists are beginning to adopt anarchistic philosophies, anarchists are beginning to appropriate non-anarchist philosophies as their own by reading them through their own selective lens, and anarchist scholars are beginning to draw upon any number of sources and methodologies for their inspiration. As a result, the anarcho-sphere has been witnessing adventurous and refreshing new debates.

We hope to offer a platform for the documentation of these recent developments in anarchist thought and to inspire others to see anarchism in all of its brilliant manifestations by linking these developments under a common tendency. We are inspired by Jesse Cohn’s invitation to an ‘anarchist cultural studies’ wherein he has suggested that “anarchists have pretty much always been interested in and actively theorizing about and investigating the kinds of things that now get called ‘cultural studies’” — we are pleased to offer the space in which you, our friends and comrades, can further explore these investigations.

The most difficult part of this project was simply to begin. But we are happy to share with you all that we have passed that part! The first issue of ADCS, volume 2010.1, “Post-anarchism Today,” includes articles from geology, film studies, sociology and religious studies. The publication of this issue coincides with the release of our new book “Post-anarchism: A Reader” (Pluto Press) and may be thought to include materials that expand upon the discussions included therein.

You may pre-order hard copies of ADCS 2010.1 for yourself or for your (campus and radical) libraries by visiting:

However, you may also read the first issue on our website at the end of the month in a typographically accurate PDF format and print this out to share with your friends and colleagues by visiting:

Our promise to you: we will always keep our journal free and easily accessible online using the highest quality print-ready formats.

We should state at the outset: our journal aims to disrupt the compulsion toward the commodification of radical knowledge. In this regard, our journal will always be freely available to read, download, print, and distribute from our website. Our publication uses open source software (the Open Journal Systems web platform) and fonts, and aims to contribute to the open source movement.

We invite you to pre-order our journal and to watch our website for updates. We also encourage submissions for future issues to

Thanks goes out to the North American Anarchist Studies Network for providing the needed infrastructure for this project to get off of the ground – we consider ourselves to be working within the Cultural Studies working group of the network and invite others to join the discussions at

For Anarchy,
Süreyyya Evren
Duane Rousselle

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In association with the U.K. Anarchist Studies Network, the North American Anarchist Studies Network, and AK Press

This new book series, the first peer-reviewed English-language series in anarchist studies by a major international academic publisher, seeks to promote the study of anarchism as a framework for understanding and acting on the most pressing problems of our times. To this end, we invite proposals for original manuscripts that exemplify cutting edge, socially engaged scholarship bridging theory and practice, academic rigour and the insights of contemporary activism.

We welcome book proposals on a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to the following: anarchist history and theory broadly construed; individual anarchist thinkers; anarchist-informed analysis of current issues and institutions; and anarchist or anarchist-inspired movements and practices. Proposals informed by anti-capitalist, feminist, ecological, indigenous, and non-Western or global South anarchist perspectives are particularly welcome. So, too, are projects that promise to illuminate the relationships between the personal and the political aspects of transformative social change, local and global problems, and anarchism and other movements and ideologies. Above all, we wish to publish books that will help activist scholars and scholar activists think about how to challenge and build real alternatives to existing structures of oppression and injustice.

All proposals will be evaluated strictly according to their individual merits and compatibility with the aims of the series. In accord with this policy, we welcome proposals from independent scholars and new authors as well as from those with an institutional affiliation and publishing record. Titles accepted for publication in the series will be supported by an engaged and careful peer review process, including impartial assessments by members of an international editorial advisory board consisting of leading scholars in the field.*

All books published in the series will be publicised widely and distributed internationally via co-operative arrangements among a prominent network of independent academic, activist, and publishing organisations, including Continuum Books, AK Press, the U.K. Anarchist Studies Network, the North American Anarchist Studies Network, and a range of other professional and activist groups and their associated websites and listservs. The general format of the series will be simultaneous hardback and paperback publication, with the latter priced affordably so as to reach as wide an audience as possible. All of the titles in the series will be published under a Creative Commons License (‘copyleft’). This distinctive feature of the series ensures that permission for non-commercial reproduction of the books will be granted by the publishers free of charge to voluntary, campaign and community groups.

We are currently seeking book proposals that fit the description above.

Please send proposals to one or more of the Book Series Editors: Laurence Davis (, Alex Prichard ( ), Nathan Jun (, and Uri Gordon ( Proposal guidelines may be downloaded from the Continuum website:

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