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Capitalist Crisis


The Critical Studies Graduate Research Group at the Universityof Brighton is pleased to invite you to a day of workshops on ‘Capitalism in Crisis and Political Alternatives’ on Friday 20th of May with Mary Mellor, Alberto Toscano, Mark Fisher and Mark Devenney.

You can find a link with more information on our webpage:

The event is free, but registration is essential. There are only a few places remaining which will distributed on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. If you would like to attend, please send an email to


‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

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Capitalist Crisis


The Crisis in Europe: Depression economics –social crisis – state policy –alternatives

International workshop by transform! europe
Vienna, 15th/16th January 2010

Please see: 


Friday, January 15th


Welcome and opening by Elisabeth Gauthier (transform! europe)


Joachim Bischoff (editor of the monthly review Sozialismus): Overaccumulation of capital: what does it mean for the understanding of the current crisis?

14.45–15.00h : Break


Bob Jessop (Lancaster University): The role of the state today: internationalization and the nation state

16.30–17.00h: Break


Francisco Louça (Lisbon, tbc): Europe in the world economic crisis: comeback of Keynesian politics or launching of a ‘financial coup d’état’ (D. Harvey)?

Interventions by Euclides Tsakolotos (University of Athens), Peter Fleissner (Univ. prof. em., Vienna), Jiri Malek (transform!Czech Republic) and others (Spain, Italy…)

Saturday, January 16th


Maria Karamessini (University Pantheion, Athens): The social crisis in Europe: politics of precariousness or shift to a new social model of regulation

Interventions by Stephen Bouquin (University Amiens France), Asbjörn Wahl (Norway, Trade unionist, tbc), Lutz Brangsch (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Berlin)

11.30–12.00h: Break


What are the lessons of the crisis and how can they be communicated?

Proposals and projects of ‘the left of the left’

Round table with: Thomas Händel (MEP) Jürgen Klute (MEP) Miguel Portas (MEP) Francis Wurtz (former leader of GUE/NGL in EP)

Inputs from transform!, European Left Party and members of GUE/NGL-Group

Walter Baier (transform!) is chairing the debate

Languages: English, German, French

Important: registration until December, 20th via E-Mail: transform!
Gußhausstraße 14/3, A-1040 Wien

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Global Crisis

Global Crisis



Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Call for contributions

CONFERENCE on The Global Crisis and Africa: Struggles for Alternatives

A conference organised by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in cooperation with its partners in Africa

To be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 19-21 November 2009

While the current world economic crisis in its complexity is unprecedented, crises are inherent to capitalism and more often than not the South has borne the brunt of these crises. For the first time in history however a crisis in the financial markets and its repercussions in the real economy have coincided and mingled with a socioecological crisis which stand to seriously affect the basic living conditions of mankind. Emerging from the financial crisis in the US, it has been raging through the G8 countries and is now extending its impact to all corners of the world, including Africa.

Much can and will be said about the negative effects of the crisis on Africa; however the conference will approach it from the angle of the search and struggle for alternatives. What different alternative responses have been or are being developed; for example an Ecological Solidarity Economy, Economy of the Commons, Ecological Socialism, Marxist instead of Keynesian concepts, a different global financial system? What struggles are being fought already and how can we better link these struggles in pursuit of such alternatives?

The conference will be structured along these lines:
1. Which basic tenets have to be changed?
2. Spaces of alternatives & sites of struggle
3. Linking struggles

The conference aims at linking the local, national and global quest for alternatives by social movements, NGOs, trade unions, political parties both in North and South and other global actors.

While we want to offer enough space for different issues and interests of the respective participants the focus during the conference itself will be on crucial, overarching problems with the ultimate aim of developing common strategic perspectives for the left in both South and North.

The conference will bring together contributions from union, social movement and NGO activists as well as academics. Participants are therefore kindly invited to send in contributions on any of following themes:
* the impact of the present crisis (e.g. in the areas of food production and food prices, energy, climate, trade/production, debt and development aid); * responses by various stakeholders in both North and South; * overall utopian views like an economy of the commons, climate justice, food security, de-globalisation; * critical analysis of reactions to the crisis like the G-20, the UN Stiglitz Commission, the EU EPA negotiations, the New Green Deal, the new role of the BRIC states.

Contributions might be traditional academic papers, but any other forms (statements, petitions, video, audio etc.) are more than welcome. Registered participants will be informed about the detailed programme in due course.

Registration and offering of contributions are requested before 25th October 2009.

For more information please contact the office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa by e-mail: or or at the Berlin Office:

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