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Glenn Rikowski


This Draft paper of mine, Education and the Tragedy of Labour – completed on 25th June 2020 – can now be found at Academia, in the ‘Drafts & Pre-prints’ section, at:



The argument of this paper is that, insofar as education is tied to the social production of labour-power in capitalism, or is infused with the business takeover of education, then, by default, it is in a tragic condition. This argument is pursued in conjunction with an exploration of some aspects of the literature on tragedy. The tragedy of labour results from the opposition between labouring for value production and capital’s profit system, and labouring for ourselves – individually and collectively – for human desires, needs and enhancement. Radical alternatives are required for the latter, otherwise education is doomed to be tied to capital’s prerogatives.


Glenn Rikowski at ResearchGate:

Glenn Rikowski at Academia:

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