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Mike Cole










Routledge Focus, 2018

ISBN: 9781138607545



Trump, the Alt-Right and Public Pedagogies of Hate and for Fascism: What Is To Be Done? uses public pedagogy as a theoretical lens through which to view discourses of hate and for fascism in the era of Trump and to promote an anti-fascist and pro-socialist public pedagogy. It makes the case for re-igniting a rhetoric that goes beyond the undermining of neoliberal capitalism and the promotion of social justice, and re-aligns the left against fascism and for a socialism of the twenty-first century.

Beginning with an examination of the history of traditional fascism in the twentieth century, the book looks at the similarities and differences between the Trump regime and traditional Western post-war fascism. Cole goes on to consider the alt-right movement, the reasons for its rise, and the significance of the internet being harnessed as a tool with which to promote a fascistic public pedagogy. Finally, the book examines the resistance against these discourses and addresses the question of: what is to be done?

This topical book will be of great interest to scholars, to postgraduate students and to researchers, as well as to advanced undergraduate students in the fields of education studies, pedagogy, and sociology, as well as readers in general who are interested in the phenomenon of Trumpism.


‘Mike Cole has written a stunning work that deserves to be read in teacher education courses, in graduate seminars, and in all classes dealing with the future of education–and of society.’ Peter McLaren, Chapman University, USA

‘This incisive book, with startling clarity, is a cutting analysis of Trump and his relationship with the personnel and the rhetoric and discourse- the public pedagogy of the Proto-Fascist and Fascist movement in the USA and the implications internationally.’ Dave Hill, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

‘This book provides a devastating critique and Cole brings to the fore the importance of public pedagogy in the struggle against Trump’s fascist tendencies. Nothing can be ignored in this book and much is at stake.’ Alpesh Maisuria, University of East London, UK

‘This is an excellent book – it’s a highly engaging read that will be of interest to people who don’t already know a great deal about Trump and the alt-right and the various movements who oppose them, as well as those who are already well-versed in the horrors of Trumpism. The book makes good use of public pedagogy as a framing device, and it will be an important contribution to our further understanding of how dominant ideologies are enacted and perpetuated, and also how they are resisted.’ Jennifer Sandlin, Arizona State University, USA

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