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The SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice

Call for Papers

Special Issue on Educational Technology and Social Justice

The SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice Education is soliciting manuscripts for a special issue on educational technology and social justice.

The relationship between educational technology and social justice is an abundant and important conversation in educational literature, particularly in critical scholarship, where the perpetuation through technology of social reproduction, authoritarianism, the neo-liberal agenda, and environmental atrocities are exposed and interrogated.  For this special issue, we invite contributions that may incorporate but also move beyond such critiques to explore how educational technology is or can be utilized toward social justice goals.  These goals may include liberation, transformation, experiencing voice, and recognizing as well as challenging dominant discourses, hegemonic constructs, and oppressive conditions.

Contributors may consider questions including:

  • What is the meaning of social justice in relation to educational technology?
  • How do these two concepts intersect in current educational research and practice?
  • How is educational technology being utilized by teachers, teacher-educators, students, and researchers to achieve social justice aims?
  • What is required for technology to disrupt social conditions for marginalized individuals and groups?
  • What do educational administrators and policymakers need to do to contribute to these changes?


Manuscripts for publication consideration for this special issue should address the journal’s mission: to prepare and influence bold, socially responsible leaders who will transform the world of schooling.  Submissions for this issue may include research studies as well as conceptual, theoretical, philosophical, and policy-analysis essays that advance educational practices that challenge the existing state of affairs in society, schools, and (in)formal education.

Style Guidelines

All manuscripts must adhere to APA sixth edition format, include an abstract of 100-150 words, and range between 20 – 30 pages in length (including camera ready tables, charts, figures, and references). Two copies of the manuscript should be attached: a master copy including a title page and a blind copy with the title page and all other author-identifying information removed (including citations and references pertaining to any of the contributing authors’ works). Attachments should be in Microsoft Word.
Submissions should be submitted electronically via email by attachment by April 30, 2016 to SoJo Associate Editor, Julie Ficarra:

The SoJo Journal website:



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