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New Book:  The Emotional Logic of Capitalism: What Progressives Have Missed.

Please find a brief description below, and you can find more information on the publisher’s page: .

The book is available in an affordable paperback version, and the flyer offers an additional 20% discount (by ordering directly from Stanford University Press with the code LOGIC).

Those not located in the US can get a 20% discount by ordering from , using the code CSL515EMOT.


The Emotional Logic of Capitalism: What Progressives Have Missed


The capitalist market, progressives bemoan, is a cold monster: it disrupts social bonds, erodes emotional attachments, and imposes an abstract utilitarian rationality. But what if such hallowed critiques are completely misleading? This book argues that the production of new sources of faith and enchantment is crucial to the dynamics of the capitalist economy. Distinctively secular patterns of attraction and attachment give modern institutions a binding force that was not available to more traditional forms of rule. Elaborating his alternative approach through an engagement with the semiotics of money and the genealogy of economy, Martijn Konings uncovers capitalism’s emotional and theological content in order to understand the paradoxical sources of cohesion and legitimacy that it commands. In developing this perspective, he draws on pragmatist thought to rework and revitalize the Marxist critique of capitalism.

“This extraordinarily incisive and provocative book goes a long way toward explaining the tenacious grip of money on the American moral imagination.” —Eugene McCarraher, Villanova University

“A unique and original rethinking of the conceptual and affective armature of economy, both in its emergence as a distinct domain of social life and object of analysis over the past century and in its new salience under the sign of neoliberalism.” —Randy Martin, New York University

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