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Antonio Gramsci

Antonio Gramsci


Philosophy, Politics, and History in the Thought of Gramsci
International Conference
18-19 June 2015
King’s College London (Strand Campus*)

This International Conference on the thought of Antonio Gramsci will bring together a new generation of 45 scholars from 16 countries working on Gramscian themes in order to engage closely with his writings.

The events includes 16 panels discussing themes such as “Neoliberalism as Passive Revolution?”, “Culture, Literature and (Anti)Colonialism”, “Gramsci’s Philosophy and the Marxian Legacy”.

Keynote speeches from established scholars include Fabio Frosini (Urbino) on “Time and Revolution in Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks”, Alex Loftus (KCL) on “Gramsci and Geography”, and Peter Thomas (Brunel) on “We Good Subalterns: Gramsci’s Theory of Political Modernity”, as well as a round-table discussion on: “Past or Present: To what degree are Gramsci’s concepts still relevant today?”

The event will also include contributions and chairing from: Derek Boothman (Bologna) | Carl Levy (Goldsmiths) | Magnus Ryner (KCL) | Cosimo Zene (SOAS) | Anne Showstack Sassoon (Birkbeck) | Leila Simona Talani (KCL) | Stathis Kouvelakis (KCL) | Alex Callinicos (KCL) | Sonita Sarker (Macalester, USA) | Alessandro Carlucci (Oxford)

The organising committee would like to draw your attention to the conference blog (, where you can find the official conference poster and a detailed programme of the conference.

The conference is open to all, however registration is essential if you would like to attend.

To register, please send an email to:

The Past and Present Organising Committee
Francesca Antonini, Aaron Bernstein, Lorenzo Fusaro and Robert Jackson

Supported by:
Department of European Studies, King’s College London
Department of Geography, King’s College London
International Gramsci Society
International Gramsci Society – Italia
Ghilarza Summer School – Scuola internazionale di studi gramsciani
Área de investigación Sociedad y Acumulación Capitalista, UAM – A., México

*Venue map:


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