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Bonuses for Some

Bonuses for Some


International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy


The IIPPE announces three Training Workshops (in London, Aberdeen and Leeds)


London: Monday June 22, SOAS (Vernon Square campus)
Simon Mohun and Photis Lysandrou, on The Marxist theory of finance, contemporary accounts of financialization and the causes of the financial crisis of 2007-8
Details at
Register with Simon Mohun < >


Aberdeen: Thursday 25 June and Friday 26 June, University of Aberdeen (Fraser Noble Building), jointly with Aberdeen Political Economy Group (APEG) and IIPPE Financialisation Working Group
Simon Mohun, John Weeks, Joseph Choonara, James Foley, James Meadway and Neil Davidson on Neoliberalism and the political economy of money and finance in Scotland and the UK
Details from and registration with Keith Paterson < >


Leeds: Tuesday 8 September, University of Leeds (room tba)
Simon Mohun, John Weeks and Alfredo Saad-Filho, on Rate of Profit and Crisis
Details at
Register on the IIPPE Conference Registration Form or with Simon Mohun < >


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