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Appointment: Liverpool Hope University, UK

Please circulate this around your professional networks, and to any MA students who may be interested

There has arisen an opportunity for a fully-funded Doctoral scholarship working with philosophers and sociologists of education in the area of ‘spiritual, moral, social and cultural’ education. The project, which is also the subject of a UK ESRC Large Grant proposal currently under review, aims to explore the complex plurality of structures which set the ethos and value of publicly funded schools in England. Working with colleagues in the philosophy and sociology of education, there is broad scope for the doctoral student to explore questions such as:

  • exploring contested conceptions and definitions of citizenship, community and ‘British values’ in policy and practice;
  • developing culturally sensitive resources to support the development of school governors at the nexus of engagement between community and school leadership;
  • the relationship between religion, community and commonality in the governance and values of education, problematising the faith/state school dichotomy;
  • developing shared models of understanding the National Curriculum goal of the ‘spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’ of young people, identifying points of consensus and disjuncture between practitioners, policy and community;
  • how the discourse of ‘protecting frontline services’ which dominates politics in an age of austerity conceals rapid changes in the support and governance of schools.

The student will be co-located in the Centre for Education Policy Analysis and the Department of Social Science, and will benefit from a confluence of academic expertise in dialogical philosophers, ethnography, local governance, religion in education, moral and character education and post-secularity across the two departments.

The PhD studentship is fully funded for 3 years, covering fees and £13,500/yr stipend. Applications for either September or January start would be considered, but must be received by 25th June to ensure consideration in the first round.

Further information on how to apply is available at:,47420,en.pdf

I am happy to speak with any potential applicants.

David Lundie
Senior Lecturer in Education Studies, Liverpool Hope University
0151 291 3783


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