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University of Winchester, June 6th, 2015

Internationally renowned educational thinkers discuss how we might redirect our educational priorities towards learners who are creative, integrated, thoughtful and engaged.

Forced learning is destructive. It is destructive for our children, our society, our planet. An insistent government and teacher-lead diet of tracts and facts is sapping the creativity and motivation from learners. This major conference seeks to discuss and promulgate alternatives to the pedagogy peddled by all the major parties in the UK, and by successive governments in their Sisyphean search for international pre-eminence in spurious league tables. Some of the world’s foremost educational critics will open the discussion on how we might together redirect our educational priorities towards learners who are creative, integrated, thoughtful and motivated.

Day One features a series of keynotes from the indomitable US educational critic, Bill Ayers, along with a presentation from the great Harvard educator Eleanor Duckworth, and activist, academic and child advocate Bernadine Dohrn.

Those staying for Day Two will continue the discussion and take part in participant-centred workshops designed to deepen understanding of alternative pedagogies. Whatever the challenges we face, this conference proclaims, another learning is possible.

For more details see:

Bill Ayers, legendary and controversial Marxist, social justice campaigner and educational critic.

Eleanor Duckworth, the great Harvard educator and one-time colleague of Jean Piaget

Bernadine Dohrn, activist, academic and child advocate:

Bernadine Dohrn

Bernadine Dohrn


More speakers to be announced.


‘Human Herbs’ – a song by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

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