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The Beirut Institute for Critical Analysis and Research (BICAR) and the Mahdi Amel Cultural Center invite you to the workshop and discussion:

Capital, Value, and Time

April 1st, 2015 at the UNESCO Building, 4-7 pm

The workshop revisits Marx’s seminal critique of political economy in Capital and The Grundrisse. It aims to understand the contemporary re-appropriation of Marx through the value theory approach (Alfred Sohn-Rethel, Moishe Postone, Kojin Karatani) and point to some of the breakthroughs and limitations that these different trajectories of the value theory approach raise (Hegelian reading of Marx, Kantian reading of Marx). The paradoxes of time, value, and the money form will be discussed through the reading and discussion of a number of texts. Understanding Marx in relation to Hegel and Kant, the workshop aims to hone a historical, philosophical, and political economic conception of dialectics.

Participation is free and open to the public.

Please email to if you are interested to participate. + readings will be circulated upon request +

The Beirut Institute for Critical Analysis and Research (BICAR) develops research in critical thought and a practice of critical pedagogy. Through workshops, seminars, public discussions, and publications, BICAR provides a platform for researchers, teachers, academics, artists, writers, students, and interested members of the public to engage critically with social, cultural, and political developments. BICAR is committed to the relationships between intellectual inquiry, social reality, political praxis, and concrete change. In light of its locale in Beirut and Lebanon, BICAR is an environment for collective reflection, analysis, and response to the contradictions of labor, capital, production, and subjectivization in conditions of globalisation.

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The Mahdi Amel Cultural Center was founded in the spring of 2003 and in continuation of the work of “Société des Amis de Hassan Hamdan / Mahdi Amel”, which was established in Lyon (France) following Mahdi Amel’s assassination. CCMA’s mission consists in the dissemination of the works of a thinker who lost his life for the cause of freedom, and to encourage research that preserves and continues his legacy, in addition tot he Center’s contribution to intellectual, cultural, and artistic inquiry.

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