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Daily Archives: March 8th, 2015

Lucia Pradella

Lucia Pradella


Tuesday 10 March, 5pm-7pm

Room G3

SOAS Main Building

Russell Square, London

Join Lucia Pradella, Alfredo Saad-Filho and Subir Sinha (SOAS) in discussion of Lucia’s new book Globalization and the Critique of Political Economy: New Insights from Marx’s Writings (Routledge, 2015).

This book offers a new appreciation of the contemporary relevance of Marx’s critique of political economy in the light of the new historical critical edition of his writings (MEGA²), his partially unpublished notebooks in particular. This new material shows the centrality of the international sphere and non-European societies in Marx’s research. After exploring the international foundations of political economy, from mercantilism to Smith, Ricardo and Hegel, the book traces the developments of Marx’s critique from the early 1840s to Capital Volume 1. It shows that his elaboration of the laws of capitalist un even and combined development allowed him to recognise the growth of a world working class. Marx’s work thus offers the necessary categories to develop an alternative to methodological nationalism and Eurocentrism grounded in a critique of political economy.

This book is part of the Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy Series:

“A fresh and rich reading of capitalist modernity’s most important thinker. This book shows why those who dismiss Marx as ‘just another Eurocentric thinker’ are fundamentally mistaken.” – William K. Carroll, Professor of Sociology, University of Victoria, Canada.

“Contemporary globalization is an intensely contested process both intellectually and politically. In this important book Lucia Pradella traces th e contradictory development of a non-Eurocentric understanding of the emerging capitalist world economy from the 16th century onwards. Her use of Marx’s unpublished notebooks, currently appearing in the new Marx-Engels Completed Works (MEGA2), helps to make this a study of exceptional value that throws new light of the construction of Capital.” – Alex Callinicos, King’s College London, UK

“This is a timely and original book. It draws on classical political economy using Marx’s recently published manuscripts to shed new light on his evolving approach to globalisation and internationalisation of capital, historical and contemporary debates on globalisation, and Eurocentrism and the role of the state.” – Dimitris Milonakis, University of Crete, Greece

Attendance is free and all are welcome.

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