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Glenn Rikowski

Glenn Rikowski



Over the last month I have added quite a few items to my Academia site.


Here are the main additions that have not been included on other blogs:






The Confederation of British Industry and the Business Takeover of Schools (2007)


Postmodernism in Educational Theory (with Peter McLaren, 2002)


Prelude: Marxist Educational Theory After Postmodernism (2002)


Time and Speed in the Social Universe of Capital (with Mike Neary, 2002)


Marxist Educational Theory Transformed (2000)


Working Schoolchildren in Britain Today (with Mike Neary, 1997)






Post-Fordism and Schools in England (2008)


Forms of Capital: Critique of Bourdieu on Social Capital (2008)


Utopia and Education (2008)


Globalisation and Education Revisited (2008)


Snowballs and Risk in Schools (2008)


Nihilism and the Devaluation of Educational Values in England Today (2008)


Forms of Capital: Critique of Bourdieu on Cultural Capital (2008)


Playground Risks and Handcuffed Kids: We Need Safer Schools? (2007)


On Education Studies (2007)


Education the HSBC Way (2007)


The ‘Standards’ Language-game for Schools in England (2007)


Higher education and Confused Employer Syndrome (2006)


On Tranhumanism and Education (2006)



Glenn Rikowski

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