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OUT NOW: Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide


What is the relationship between capitalism and mental health?





Wednesday February 25th 2015, 7.00pm – 8.30pm

At Foyles, 107 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DT

Franco Berardi in conversation with Paul Mason and Emma Dowling. For more information and to book:


Friday February 27th 2015, 1pm-2pm

At Institute of Contemporary Art, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH

Culture Now: Franco “Bifo” Berardi will discuss HEROES with Professor Benjamin Noys. For more information and to book:


What is the relationship between capitalism and mental health? In his most unsettling book to date, Franco “Bifo” Berardi embarks on an exhilarating journey through philosophy, psychoanalysis and current events, searching for the social roots of the mental malaise of our age.

Spanning an array of horrors – the Aurora “Joker” killer; Anders Breivik; American school massacres; the suicide epidemic in Korea and Japan; and the recent spate of “austerity” suicides in Europe – Heroes dares to explore the darkest shadow cast by the contemporary obsession with relentless competition and hyper-connectivity. In a volume that crowns four decades of radical intellectual work, Berardi develops the psychoanalytical insights of his friend Felix Guattari and proposes dystopian irony as a strategy to disentangle ourselves from the deadly embrace of absolute capitalism.


HEROES: MASS MURDER AND SUICIDE is part of our new FUTURES series.

VERSO FUTURES is a brand-new series of essay-length philosophical and political interventions by both emerging and established writers and thinkers from around the world. Each title in the series addresses the outer limits of political and social possibility. Other books in the series include ISABELL LOREY, MARC AUGE and PAOLO VIRNO:

“The law of the innermost form of the essay is heresy”—Theodor Adorno


FRANCO “BIFO” BERARDI, founder of the famous Radio Alice in 1976 and one of the most prominent members of Autonomia, is a theorist and media activist. His recent books in English include The Soul at Work: From Alienation to Autonomy; The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance; and After the Future.


“As a diagnostician, Berardi is among the sharpest.” – Slate

“Bifo is a master of global activism in the age of depression. His mission is to understand real existing capitalism. Sense the despair of the revolt, enjoy this brilliant ‘labour of the negative’!” – Geert Lovink, Founding Director of the Institute of Network Cultures


PAPERBACK: FEBRUARY 2015 / 240 pages / ISBN: 9781781685785 / £7.99 / $12.95 / $15.95 (Canada)

HARDBACK: FEBRAURY 2015 / 240 pages / ISBN: 9781781685778 / £55 / $95 / $108 (Canada)

HEROES is available at a 40% discount (30% hardback) on our website, with free shipping and bundled ebook. Purchasing details here:


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