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Daily Archives: February 2nd, 2015




New Formations

We are pleased to announce the publication of New Formations Issue 83: ‘Writing and Resistance’
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[Please note that the deadline for the next general issue of New Formations is May 31st 2015. For  contributors guidelines see]

Details for this issue:
This issue of New Formations presents a range of exciting new work which spans and connects the fields of cultural studies, literary theory and radical political philosophy. Two contributors are concerned with the specificities of contemporary sexual politics. Three others address the relationships between writing, disclosure and interpretation. A further two texts offer radical philosophical interpretations of emergent political currents in Greece, Spain, Turkey and beyond. While there is no single theme, all the contributions share a concern to bring the most sophisticated theoretical tools available to bear upon the analysis of a range of urgent and emergent political questions. This continues to be the overriding purpose of New Formations: to explore the intersections between culture, theory and politics in order to understand the changing nature of each in the twenty-first century.


Jeremy Gilbert: Editorial

David Alderson: Acting Straight: Reality TV, Gender Self-Consciousness and Forms of Capital

Clare Birchall: Aesthetics of the Secret

Naomi Booth: ‘Bathetic masochism and the shrinking woman’

Elizabeth Coles: ‘Psychoanalysis and the Poem: On Reading in Sándor Ferenczi and D.W. Winnicott’

Costas Douzinas: ‘Notes Towards an Analytics of Resistance’

Sarah Kember: Why ‘Write? Feminism, publishing and the politics of communication’

Serhat Karakayali and Özge Yaka: ‘The Spirit of Gezi: The Recomposition of Political Subjectivities in Turkey’


James Penney Better tables

Dhanveer Singh Brar Hieroglyphics of the flesh

Jade Munslow Ong Women, Crime and Sexual Transgression

Caspar Melville Can sociologists write?

Joseph Darlington That Dawn to Be Alive

Elena Tzelepis    Again Antigone

Jeremy Gilbert


‘Human Herbs’ – a song by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

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