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Spring 2015

Symbolic culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years ago, in a revolution whose echoes can still be heard in myths and rituals around the world. Our talks this term focus on human evolution in the light of hunter-gatherer ethnography, population genetics, biology, primatology, cave painting research and palaeolithic archaeology. There is plenty of time for questions, discussion and socialising.


Jan 13: Conservatism and how to fight it: lessons from evolutionary theory. Lesley Newson

Jan 20: My recent stay with the Hadza of Tanzania. James Woodburn

Jan 27: Human origins: why menstruation matters. Chris Knight

Feb 3: Noam Chomsky and the human revolution. Chris Knight

Feb  10: Telling the story of the Kalahari First People. Chris Low

Feb 17: An introduction to African ethnomusicology. Noel Lobley *

Feb 24: Gift exchange or barter? The origins and functions of money. Mark Jamieson

Mar 3: Mental time travel in crows and humans. Nicola Clayton and Clive Wilkins

Mar 10: An Aboriginal Australian myth: ‘The Rainbow Snake’. Chris Knight

Mar 17: Can we reconstruct the world’s first stories, myths and rituals?  Camilla Power

Mar 24: Fire and human evolution. John Gowlett

Mar 31: A Plains Indian myth: ‘The Wives of the Sun and Moon’. Chris Knight

* = to be confirmed.


All talks held at the Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Rd., NW1 1HB (Euston).

All events are free but small donations welcome.

Tuesdays, 6.30–9.00pm.  More Info:

For updates on meetings and anthropology news, follow us on @radicalanthro and Facebook


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