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Critical Pedagogy

Critical Pedagogy


Blended: In‐Person & Online | Vancouver

Begins July 2015 |

The University of British Columbia

Faculty of Education

MEd in Curriculum Studies

This program emphasizes engaged and sustained intellectual education activism, informed by critical pedagogy along with research, teaching, and evaluation methods that transform schools into ‘laboratories of democracy’ for the 21st century.

The CPEA cohort will support the creative combination of scholarship and activism within education, encouraging critical reflection on both the conceptual and practical potential and limitations of that tradition.

Core Themes: solidarity, engagement, and critical analysis & research

  • Solidarity—reflects a core value of mutual support and reciprocity within and across various educational stakeholder groups that share common interests
  • Engagement—reflects the idea that research is situational and kept dynamic when created and tested with groups actively working toward positive change
  • Critical analysis and research—reflect the expectation that critical pedagogy and education activism are richly informed by conceptual depth, empirical evidence and ethical know‐how

Program Delivery

The cohort will include face-to-face instruction in courses taught in a centrally-located Vancouver site and flexible, blended formats that mix on-site and online learning.

In addition, there are two key intensive experiences: a Summer Institute and a Summer Symposium.

The culminating MEd Graduating Project will be facilitated through a series of meetings over the span of the program, and through individual or small group advising with the cohort supervisory team.

Information Session Meet program advisors and learn more about applying to become a UBC graduate student.

Wednesday, December 3 | Vancouver

BC Teachers’ Federation

4:00‐5:30 p.m.

100 ‐ 550 West 6th Avenue| Map

Application Deadline

January 23

Please visit the program website for more information, or contact Linda (





‘Human Herbs’ – a song by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

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