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Daily Archives: November 11th, 2014

Vampyrica John-Paul Van-Huysse

John-Paul Van-Huysse




Vampyrica: Sometimes fantasy can be fatal

Paperback: 274 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (27 Oct 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1503003434

ISBN-13: 978-1503003439


Also available on Kindle

Vampyrs are very real. Not the undead creatures of legend but real men and women drawn together by their shared fascination with the sensual and erotic activity of blood drinking. They’re everywhere, including the small university town of Midhampton where Vicky and her new best friend Keith have just moved. But the Vampyrica are into more than just kinky games, led by the mysterious D there is a plan in place and, unfortunately for Vicky and Keith, it revolves around local students. Vicky and Keith, along with their tutor Professor Fathon are soon caught up in the fatal fantasy. How do they face somebody like D and his minions? And what if they come across the vampyr Eve, for whom the Vampyrica is no longer an erotic club but an inescapable trap?





‘Human Herbs’ – a song by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

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