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Teaching Marx

Teaching Marx


We are writing to inform you about a meeting to plan a London-based Marxist reading group. Our initial idea is to attempt to grapple with a number of classic texts in the Marxist tradition that are frequently cited but rarely read, and yet might help to develop our analytical method, spark useful theoretical discussion and raise the confidence of people engaged in critical and radical practice.

We are interested in doing some study on Marx’s philosophical and historical views and on his political and economic writings (as well as those of other Marxists such as Engels, Gramsci and others). However, the design and content of the group (or groups) is still completely open and shall be decided at the initial organizing meeting.

The initiative is independent of any organizations and is open to all those interested in engaging with Marxist theory in the hope that it will provide some answers to the questions confronting radicals today.

DETAILS:  Saturday 27th September, 4pm at B101, Brunei Gallery, SOAS University.

In solidarity: Sai E, Kevin O, Jonas L, Luke S

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‘Human Herbs’ – a song by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

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  1. Can you please post details of meetings in 2015 as I would like to join the group? Thanks, HH.

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