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Fear of a Blank Planet

Fear of a Blank Planet




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Theory in Action is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes the highest quality original research. It is published quarterly by the independent Transformative Studies Institute (TSI), a non-profit educational think tank committed to academic freedom, social justice, and the legitimization of scholar-activism.


Why publish with Theory in Action?

*Breadth of scope in progressive thinking – Theory in Action is a forum for research on the interconnections between theory and direct action that promotes social justice, broadly defined. While valuing radical and unconventional ideas, the journal does not privilege any particular theoretical tradition or approach. We are interested in how theory can inform activism to promote economic equality and democracy.

*Audacious – It seeks research that ‘conventional’ journals would reject because they are too radical or break with prior molds.  We welcome ALL scholarship and seek to transform reactionary elitist academia into a space of true independent thought without retaliations, reprisals, or the compartmentalization of knowledge.

*Extensive exposureTheory in Action is available in hundreds of libraries all over the world.  Your work will reach a wide community of academics, professionals, and activists, across a range of relevant disciplines.

*High visibility via our online platform and partners such as EBSCO/H.W. Wilson, ProQuest, and more – The FULL TEXT (not just an abstract) of your article will be accessible globally and will benefit from the very latest in online search and discoverability technology.


You can be assured of the highest attention to production values.

We would like to invite you to submit your work to Theory in Action.

Please click here to access manuscript and submission guidelines.


Best Wishes,

The Editorial Board

Transformative Studies Institute – Theory in Action





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