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Education Crisis

Education Crisis


Society for Research into Higher Education

Date – 2 June 2014: 13.00-17.00

Venue – SRHE, 73 Collier St, London N1 9BE

Network – Student Experience

This event explores the role of student leadership in UK Higher Education, including the role and function of institutional student unions, the National Union of Students and relationships with institutions, sector agencies and the government. Within institutions, the positioning and governance for student union officers, student union staff and senior management varies. The event draws together recent research, analysis of policies and commentaries from representatives and experts.
Speakers include:

Professor Rachel Brooks, University of Surrey: presenting on her work for the NUS and the Leadership Foundation for HE on the changing nature of student leadership.

Jim Dickinson, Chief Executive at Union of UEA Students, responding to the report

Dr Camille Kandiko Howson, King’s College London: presenting on her QAA-funded research on Student Expectations with reference to collective and individual notions of student engagement and representation.

The programme will include a roundtable of discussants of the presentations.

To reserve a place:

Note: Unless otherwise stated SRHE events are free to members, there is a charge of £60 for non-members.



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