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Daily Archives: March 21st, 2014

Global Economy

Global Economy


Unemployment and Austerity in Mediterranean European Countries

Nicosia, Cyprus

6-8 November 2014

First Call for Papers

The 26th Annual EAEPE Conference 2014 will take place in Nicosia on November 6,7 and 8. Its central theme will be devoted to assessments and policy debates on the current unemployment situation in Europe, in particular in the Mediterranean countries of Europe. It will be located in a wonderful Mediterranean country, Cyprus, in the City of Nicosia, at the Cyprus University.

For the past 7 years most of the European economies have experienced severe economic crisis, stagnation and recession, initialized by the financial crash of 2007. In Mediterranean economies the crisis got exacerbated by the crisis of sovereign debt in general and by austerity programmes in particular.  Unemployment levels have reached double digits on average in the European Union and shattering high levels in the South of Europe. Moreover, cuts (due to austerity restrictions) in welfare expenditure, in public employment as well as in the wage level have worsened living conditions of people dramatically. The Greek crisis (emerging in May 2010) has indicated that EU member states are more concerned with their own national budgeting issues than real EU integration, exposing them unnecessarily in times of crisis. Conversely, the lack of institutional coordination and fiscal solidarity had a severe macroeconomic impact. Especially the public discourse about European imbalances is used rhetorically as “a problem of laziness against effort” such as “Mediterranean corruption against Northern European integrity”, outplaying member states on purpose. The other side of the same coin are excessive export surpluses of a few, gained through real wage reductions over more than a decade, an issue in the “European Semester”.

At this conference we want to look at the real problems behind the deficit-surplus rhetoric within the EU, which we address as: the lack of deeper integration, the imperfections of the single market and the lack of appropriate multi-level governance and policy crafting institutions able to cope with the crisis. In this broad perspective we invite creative contributions going beyond wage-dumping excessive export-surplus solutions (Germany), compare the current case of the EU commission against Germany. Obviously such perspectives need to envision a monetary union with a real economic and social integration, making it politically substantial in contrast to a mere neoliberal and monetarist ideological construction. The 26th Annual EAEPE Conference 2014 will be a platform for exchanging ideas and results in both theoretical and empirical research. It will debate proper policies and institutions able to cope with the crisis proposing a viable way out beyond austerity in Europe.

The opening address of the conference will be given by 2010 Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Sir Christopher Pissarides. All scholars are invited to submit their contribution on the conference theme of this year, or on usual topics covered by EAEPE’s research areas. Abstracts must be submitted electronically either on the conference theme or to a specific RA with 300-750 words.  Authors are also invited to propose special sessions (4 abstracts), in this case contact EAEPE directly. Additionally we will organize PhD special sessions.

Conference Fees

Early registration (before 1 October 2014): 190€

Late Registration (2 October 2014 till conference): 240€

Reduced fee (for scholars from Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Eastern Europe and Turkey) on application to Pasquale Tridico: 100€ Conference fees are waived for PhD students.

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline: 30 May 2014

Notification of acceptance: 20 June2014

Full paper submission deadline: 1 October 2014

Local Organizer Team

For any information on the conference, please contact the local organizers Prof. Savvas Katsikides and Ms Georgia Yiangou from the University of Cyprus.

Scientific Committee

Savvas Katsikides (chair); Wolfram Elsner, David Gindis, Hardy Hanappi, Dany Lang, Georgios Liagouras,  John Marangos, Dimitri Milonakis, Pascal Petit,  Pasquale Tridico

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