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Critical Education / Education is Critical

Critical Education / Education is Critical


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Volume 12 Number 4  2013   ISSN 1474-9041

THE GOVERNING OF EDUCATION IN EUROPE: Commercial actors, partnerships and strategies


Maarten Simons, Lisbeth Lundahl and Roberto Serpieri. Introduction. The Governing of Education in Europe: commercial actors, partnerships and strategies OPEN ACCESS

Emiliano Grimaldi. Old and New Markets in Education: austerity, standards and ICT as pushes towards privatisation(s) in Italy

Natalie Papanastasiou. Commercial Actors and the Governing of Education: the case of academy school sponsors in England

Eli Ottesen, Birthe Lund, Sarah Grams, Marit Aas & Tine Sophie Prøitz. Educational Methods as Commodities within European Education: a Norwegian–Danish case

Ingela Andreasson & Marianne Dovemark. Transforming Insecurity into a Commodity: using the digital tools Unikum and InfoMentor as an example in Swedish education

Antonio Olmedo, Patrick L.J. Bailey with Stephen J. Ball. To Infinity and Beyond …: heterarchical governance, the Teach for All network in Europe and the making of profits and minds

Bruno Broucker & Kurt De Wit. Liberalisation and Privatisation of Higher Education in Flanders: passing the point of no return? A Case Study

Magali Ballatore & Martha K. Ferede. The Erasmus Programme in France, Italy and the United Kingdom: student mobility as a signal of distinction and privilege

Triin Lauri & Kaire Põder. School Choice Policy: seeking to balance educational efficiency and equity. A Comparative Analysis of 20 European Countries

Peter Kelly, Nick Pratt, Hans Dorf & Ulrike Hohmann. Comparing Pedagogy in Mathematics in Denmark and England

Rolf Strietholt, Kerstin Naujokat, Tobias Mai, Sara Kretschmer, Stephan Jarsinski, Martin Goy, Sarah Frahm, Michael Kanders, Wilfried Bos & Inge Blatt. The National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) in Germany: an overview of design, research options and access, with a focus on lower-secondary school

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