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Learning with Adults

Learning with Adults


Learning with Adults: A Critical Pedagogical Introduction

2012 – 292 pages

Sense Publishers

Leona M. English (St. Francis Xavier University, Canada) and Peter Mayo (University of Malta, Msida, Malta)

ISBN Paperback: 9789460917660 ($ 54.00)
ISBN Hardcover: 9789460917677 ($ 99.00)

Subject: Adult Education

Number 8 of the series: International Issues in Adult Education

Free Preview Learning with Adults

“A priceless resource …The time is ripe for writing a manifesto of adult education as social transformative learning in the twenty-first century and implement all sorts of experiments in adult education that may help transform the world. This book is a robust contribution to such conversation.”–International Journal of Lifelong Education (Issue 32(6))

“This book is written at a time when our own field of adult education is under assault from a variety of capitalist and neoconservative forces pressuring us… to turn away from the causes of criticality, lifelong learning, and education for freedom. Rather than succumb to these pressures, we have hope that our long term goals of education for life and living can and will be accomplished alongside professional and vocational education. It offers new insight into what is a very dark moment of our human civilization.” — From the preface by Dr Carlos Alberto Torres, Professor, GSEIS, Director, Paulo Freire Institute, University of California at Los Angeles

“The book offers decidedly critical and international perspectives on various aspects of adult education, especially on state, citizenship and neoliberal policies. Critical in both content and method, it is at the same time the part of the collective work needed to advance the Belém call to action by furthering awareness and capacity in the field of adult education.” — Dr Katarina Popovic, Professor, Universität Duisburg-Essen, University of Belgrade & DBB International

“In the midst of diminishing resources and growing inequalities, English and Mayo provide an incisive and much needed critique of adult education in ways that highlight not only its historical and philosophical roots but also its major significance to the practice of democracy. In a direct challenge to the neoliberal accountability craze, Learning with Adults offers a rigorous political reading of the field—one that systematically challenges oppressive educational policies and practices, while affirming an emancipatory vision of civic engagement. Truly an informative treatise that sheds new light on the education of adults.” Dr Antonia Darder, Professor & Leavey Presidential Endowed Chair in Education Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles

“Leona English and Peter Mayo challenge hegemonic assumptions and ideas, while offering a constructive alternative based on the principle of working with learners and not just for them. Their analysis is accessible enough for newcomers to the field, while the authors’ wide-ranging coverage and radical approach provide refreshing and challenging messages for the most experienced adult educator. Up-to-date, genuinely international and passionately committed, Learning with Adults is a great book.” – Dr John Field, Professor, University of Stirling

Cover design by Annemarie Mayo

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