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Call for Proposals — Rouge Forum 2014
The Struggle for Social Justice Inside and Outside the Classroom
June 5-7, 2014
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Denver, Colorado
Join Us!!!

The core issue of our time is the clash of the real threat for perpetual war, climate chaos and catastrophe, and booming inequality met by the potential of connecting reason to power with organized mass class conscious resistance geared to the construction of a society grounded in substantive democracy.   The vital role schools play within communities brings forth its role as a central organizing site of community wide and global resistance.

To deepen and clarify our understanding of social justice and to develop pedagogies that will lead to organized mass class conscious resistance within schools and communities to overcome injustices, the Rouge Forum’s national conference brings together academic presentations, panel discussions, performances, dialogue, community building, and cultural events.

This year’s national conference, The Struggle for Social Justice Inside and Outside the Classroom, is intended to bring forward that interconnectedness between what happens inside and outside classrooms.   The economic polarization over the past thirty years has enriched and empowered the ruling class.  The central role schools play for the ruling class in the (re)production of unequal social relations and its reinforcing ideological structure has become more intense as inequality expands.  However, schools have the possibility to resist this ruling class domination by challenging the historical role of schools and turning them into sites of resistance and transformation.  In other words, schools can become central sites in the class struggle.  Thus, what we do as students, educators and community members counts because we can either take the side of increased inequality and authoritarianism, or work to bring about social justice.   Join us at the Rouge Forum in Denver.  

To address the Struggle for Social Justice Inside and Outside the Classroom, the Rouge Forum’s national conference will center on such questions as:
* How does inequality affect our classrooms, schools and communities?
* What is behind the intensification of K-12 factory schooling especially with the increased mania for core curriculum and the accompanying high stakes standardized testing? How are teachers responding to this intensification?
* What role do capitalism, imperialism and war play in our classrooms, schools and communities?
* What can we learn from our daily individual actions, more concerted actions within the United States such as the Occupy Movement and the Chicago teacher strike, and international actions to make us smarter and stronger in our struggle for social justice?
* What do we envision as a better society and how can we root that vision in the past to guide our actions in the present?
* What pedagogies are necessary to liberate ourselves from the oppressive structures and social relations that give rise to inequality?

Consider participating in the Rouge Forum in Denver and submit a proposal addressing the conference themes.

Individual Proposal (30 minutes)
The Rouge Forum welcomes individual proposals, with the understanding that those accepted might be grouped together around common or overlapping themes.   Presenters will have approximately 20 minutes to present with ten minutes for interaction and discussion with audience members.  Individual paper submissions will be considered for panels with the same topic/theme.   A 250-750 word abstract will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference.

Panel Proposal (60-75 minutes)
A panel discussion is another venue available presenters. A panel discussion is typically composed of three to six participants who discuss their work within the context of a dialogue or conversation on a topic or theme related to the conference theme.  Typically, each panelist is given 10 minutes to discuss the topic, present theoretical ideas, and/or point to relevant research. A chair should be identified who introduces the panel and frames the issues and questions being addressed. In addition to the chair, we encourage (but do not require) organizers of panels to name a discussant to the comments of the panelists. Individual proposal submissions will be combined into panels with the same theme/topic. A 250-750 word abstract of the panel discussion will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference.

Alternative Format and Special Interest Groups (30-60 minutes)
Alternative proposals that do not fit into the above categories, such as workshops, performances, video and multimedia presentations are encouraged.   We also welcome proposals for the organization of special interest groups. A 250-750 word abstract of the proposal will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference.

Dialogues (30 minutes) A dialogue session would provide an opportunity for a “presenter” to facilitate a conversation around a particular issue.  A 250-750 word abstract of the proposal will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference.

SUBMISSIONS:  Deadline for submissions is February 1, 2014.  To submit a proposal click here.
QUESTIONS: For questions, contact Faith Wilson at

Good luck to our side

Rich Gibson




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