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North Atlantic Oscillation

North Atlantic Oscillation


From Gilbert Achcar:

My book The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising has been released this month in the US (available since July in the UK). I am happy to inform you of the publication of yet another book of mine, which is a collection of essays.

Recently released in the UK: book/marxism-orientalism- cosmopolitanism/

Next month in the US: pb/Marxism-Orientalism- Cosmopolitanism

Below, FYI, is the Table of Contents.

Foreword 7

Religion and Politics Today from a Marxian Perspective 10
Marx’s view of religion 12
Religion and radicalism today: liberation theology 16
Religion and radicalism today: Islamic fundamentalism 23
For a Marxian comparative sociology of religions 28
Political conclusions 35

Orientalism in Reverse:
Post-1979 Trends in French Orientalism 40
“Orientalism in reverse” 41
Post-1979 French Orientalists 45
French “Orientalism in reverse” 47
The meanderings of French “Orientalism in reverse” 56

Marx, Engels and “Orientalism”:
On Marx’s Epistemological Evolution 68
Said’s Orientalism and its Marxist critique 68
Orientalism, essentialism and idealism 73
Marx and Engels’ radical break with historical idealism 78
Were Marx and Engels Eurocentric? 82
The political/epistemological evolution
of Marx and Engels 88
Critical Marxism and Orientalism 96

Marxism and Cosmopolitanism 103
Four conceptions of cosmopolitanism 103
Marx and Engels’ initial conception of cosmopolitanism 107
The maturation of Marx and Engels’
conception of cosmopolitanism 116
Cosmopolitanism and internationalism 123
“Cosmopolitanism” after Marx and Engels:
Kautsky, Gramsci and the Comintern 128
“Cosmopolitanism” as anathema: the Stalinist perversion 134
Cosmopolitanism and “globalisation” 144

Bibliography and References 165




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