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Editors: Henrik Jøker Bjerre & Agon Hamza

The International journal of political philosophy, Crisis and Critique, announces a call for papers for its first issue, which will be devoted to the topic of revolutions and democracy.

During the last couple of years, we have witnessed popular uprisings all over the world, from Greece to London, from Egypt to Brasil. These events have awakened us from a dogmatic slumber of liberal-parliamentary consensus. These led Slavoj Žižek to argue that this was “the year of dreaming dangerously”, whereas Badiou interpreted them as “the rebirth of history.”

However, while there are upheavals, revolts and revolutions all around the globe, the response of the left is rather weak. The revolutions and popular revolts that have resulted in the overthrowing of autocratic governments, have been appropriated by the reactionary forces, i.e. Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in Slovenia a right-wing government has been replaced by a technocratic one, etcetera. Apart from happily celebrating every popular revolt that has been happening all around the globe, our question is: has the Left been capable of providing a network for a critical analysis of these events?

The latest events in Egypt, Brasil, and elsewhere have made it incumbent upon us to rethink the relation between democracy and revolution. How and what should an emancipatory response be?

In this issue, we want to address questions like:

* Is democracy the name for radical political and social transformations?

* Does democracy present the terrain in which our struggle should take place?

* What does it mean to be a revolutionary Marxist today?

* How can we account for the weakness of the left, in a time when capitalism is going through a terminal crisis?

Articles should be sent in English. The maximal length is 9000-10.000 words. Submissions should be sent to:

The deadline for submission is December 15, 2013.

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