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Education Crisis

Education Crisis


SRHE Annual Research Conference 11-13 December 2013

SRHE Newer Researchers Conference 10 December 2013



Experiencing Higher Education: Global Trends and Transformations

Celtic Manor, Newport in South Wales, United Kingdom


The SRHE extends a very warm welcome to all who wish to participate in one or both of these conferences, by submitting papers for presentation and/or by attending as a delegate and contributing to the many different discussions and debates within this vibrant three-day event. The Conference welcomes papers relating to further, higher, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education in a wide range of research domains and is a highly participative event offering a range of plenaries and smaller discussion groups and seminars.

The Society’s Annual Conferences are truly international events bringing together delegates and contributors from over 40 countries. We invite researchers and scholars from the many forms of higher education globally to contribute to these Conferences, stimulating international debate on the way in which higher education is responding to economic, social, political and cultural pressures and both re-defining and re-asserting its nature and purpose. As higher education researchers, we aim to provide research insights and knowledge to inform and guide universities, governments and societies.

Conference Theme

The theme for 2013 is Experiencing Higher Education: Global Trends and Transformations.

Higher education globally is continuing to undergo change at a rapid pace and the experiences of all participants, those who study and those who work within the sector, are being transformed as a consequence. Presentations and discussions will explore global trends and examine what research into higher education tells us about the impact of these changes, with a particular focus on how higher education experiences are now evolving in a global context and embracing new technology.

The Conference will offer the opportunity to explore what it means, in the very broadest sense, to be part of the higher education academic community as a student, an academic researcher or teacher, a leader, a developer or other role.

Types of Contribution

You are invited to contribute to this debate in a variety of ways: by presenting a paper, sharing in a symposium, including work of a conceptual or theoretical nature, by preparing a poster or by organising a round table, on any aspect of this year’s theme or your own research interests. Empirical and scholarly research from a wide range of perspectives is welcome. Registrations from delegates not presenting work this year are also warmly welcomed. The deadline for submission of proposals is Friday 28 June 2013


Conference registration is now open via Early booking discount ends 30 September 2013.

This timetable will enable all submitting authors to receive early notification of accepted papers and take full advantage of early booking discounts. We look forward once again to receiving your proposals and to another very successful conference at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales, UK. I encourage you to submit your work and register for the conference as soon as possible. Registration by 30 September 2013 will guarantee accommodation at the Celtic Manor resort (rather than adjacent hotels) and attracts important early registration discounts. You can download the full Call for Papers and find all the information you need on submissions and registration from the Society’s website at  – just click on ‘Conference 2013’

SRHE Newer Researchers’ Conference 10 December 2013

The SRHE Newer Researchers’ Conference on the same theme will take place at the Celtic Manor one day in advance of the SRHE Annual Research Conference. This is an excellent event for postgraduate students and newer researchers, providing the opportunity to present research work in a nurturing environment and participate in a number of seminars and discussions. The Call for Papers for this Conference will be issued shortly with the timetable for submissions and registration.


Kind regards

Helen Perkins


Society for Research into Higher Education

73 Collier Street

London N1 9BE

Telephone 0207 427 2350

Fax number 0207 278 1135



Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory

Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory

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