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Karl Marx

Karl Marx


The organisers of the Delhi HM Conference (3-5 April 2013) are appealing to supporters and readers of HM for contributions towards the airfares of 2 speakers from abroad whom we’ve got down for our plenary sessions. The rough target is 1200 pounds in total.

Any donations, however small, would be most welcome!

Please also note that the conference venue has now been shifted to the Convention Centre in JNU. There is an extra conference day as well, 5th April.

Here’s a small sample of what’s on offer from a total of 48 sessions and 3 plenaries:

* Alberto Toscano and Matteo Mandarini,‘The Communist intellectual: Lessons from some Italian debates’;

* Andreas Merkens, ‘Counterhegemony, political education & pedagogy in Antonio Gramsci’;

* João Arsénio Nunes, ‘The revolutionary thought of Alvaro Cunhal’;

* Jeff Goodwin, ‘How kings survived the Arab spring’;

* Gilbert Achcar on the Arab uprising & its aftermath;

* Ajit Zacharias on domestic labor, value of labor-power and poverty;

* Pranav Jani and Nivedita Majumdar on postcolonial theory;

* Teesta Setalvad and Harsh Mander on Gujarat ten years after the genocide;

* Apoorvanand, Ishwar Singh Dost, Kumar Rana and Kamal Chenoy on the crisis of the Indian left;

* Brinda Bose on ‘Queer matriarchies’;

* Jean Dreze on ‘Anarchist thought & the future of the Left’;

* Moinak Biswas on ‘The political film in crisis’;

* Javed Anand on the Muslim Right in India & Pakistan;

* Saroj Giri on Maoists in Nepal;

* A LeftWord Books panel on ‘Communist histories’;

* Soma Marik on Rosa Luxemburg & the party;

* Uday Chandra on the ‘State, popular resistance & “democracy” in the forests of eastern India’;

And loads more including the launch of Vivek Chibber’s new book Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital; films by Kluge and others; books…

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