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Education, Democracy and Development

Education, Democracy and Development


Call for Papers

XI Conference Asociación Española de Ciencia Política

Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla

September 18-20, 2013

Workshop 1.7: Politics, Agonism and Deliberation: The Place of Conflict and Consensus in Contemporary Democracies

Convenor: Javier Franzé (ComplutenseUniversity of Madrid)
Discussant: Máriam Martínez Ramírez (AutónomaUniversity of Madrid)


Contemporary political theory praises liberal democracy both in its descriptive and normative sides. There is widespread consensus around the idea that context has totally transformed the place for democracy, but not its conclusions. We are likely to differentiate between two normative models of democracy, namely, either a liberal or enlightened one –Habermas, Rawls- or a postliberal one, being that critical to Enlightenment tenets – Mouffe, Rancière-. The former considers that the core liberal values are still valid, in concrete concerning the possibility to resolve political conflicts in a dialogical way, although an adjustment to new contexts is much needed. The latter rejects such arguments, in that they are meant to be good for democracy because it entails a conflict and struggle for incommensurables values.

This workshop aims at clarifying the conceptual map and the various categories of each of the models to examine their contributions and limits. It welcomes papers analyzing concrete cases, in an attempt to test the explicative capacity of both paradigms. Some of the inquiries this workshop poses are the following: It there any rationality permitting to overcome political differences or, otherwise, particularity is irreductable and universality means depolitization? Is language a communicative means or it is rather the only way actors have to build the world performatively? Is consensus the result of dialogical rationality or it is otherwise the consequence of certain struggle for values?

Paper proposals:

Deadline: March 20

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