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Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory

Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory



I warmly extend to you, on behalf of the London Marx Reading Group, a cordial invitation to join us in our new reading project. 🙂

We will be reading Karl Marx’s “A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy” (hereafter the CCPE), in fortnightly reading sessions beginning at the end of February. The CCPE is, of course, one of Marx’s few texts published during his lifetime and perhaps that in itself is enough to warrant reading it in a group. It also offers something to both newbies and more seasoned readers of Marx. For those relatively unfamiliar with Marx’s oeuvre, and for whom the three volumes of Capital might represent too monumental a challenge, the CCPE offers a digestible introduction to the core of Marx’s theory of value and money. Indeed it may plausibly be asserted that this was Marx’s intention as well since he published it a few years before the first volume of Capital. For those who have read Marx’s more well known texts, the group offers the opportunity to renew and extend their acquaintance with Marx’s theory of value and money. As such, of particular interest will be how Marx edited the manuscript of the Grundrisse (written a couple of years previously) to produce this text and what further changes he then felt compelled to make prior to producing Capital. For those members of our group who went through the Grundrisse last year, an interesting question will revolve around how much of the “method” Marx promised Engels would be well “hidden” in the pages of Capital remains visible and accessible for interrogation in this text.

As far as logistics are concerned the group traditionally used to meet at UCL but unfortunately it looks like there will be no rooms available from March. So we are in the process of discussing which venue to use – among the suggestions so far has been hiring a pub (cost to be shared between all members of the group) and using the Mayday Rooms if open by March. Of course to some extent the venue is decided by the number of people we would expect to attend and it is important for people to register their interest to give us some idea of numbers.


There is a google group where the members of the group post announcements – the “London Marx Reading Group” at this url:!forum/london-marx-reading-group

There is also a website which hosts
i) presentation notes from previous Reading Group sessions as well as
ii) a forum to discuss text-related questions.

The website can be accessed at the following url:

I would urge you to register at both the Google group and also the website.

At this stage it is envisaged that we can cover this (relatively, by Marx’s standards!) ‘small’ text in a matter of 6 fortnightly reading group sessions spread over two months or so although this (given experience of previous reading groups!) may prove somewhat optimistic! The website will contain presentation notes from each of the meetings but hopefully the forums on the website will take on a life of their own crisscrossing with readers’ concerns and also with online readers who cannot physically attend for whatever reason.

I look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to the group! 🙂

Biswadip Dasgupta
(on behalf of the London Marx Reading Group)




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    Many thanks for posting this Glenn.


    Biswadip Dasgupta


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