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Daily Archives: November 29th, 2012


Dear All

We’re writing to announce the publication of several recent reviews accessible at We’d also like to invite you to contribute to RCT by offering to review one of the books listed in the latter half of this message.


Recent Reviews

No Faith in Form: Claire Bishop. Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship. Verso, 2012. 388 pp.

“Working in the Space Between”: Understanding Collaboration inContemporary Artistic Practice: Grant H. Kester. The One and the Many: Contemporary Collaborative Art in a Global Context. Duke University Press, 2011. 309 pp.

Moving Mountains: Art History for the Neoliberal Era: Nato Thompson, ed. Living as Form: Socially Engaged Art from 1991-2011. Creative Time Books and MIT Press, 2012. 280 pp.

Psycho-History: Joan Wallach Scott. The Fantasy of Feminist History. Duke University Press, 2011. 187pp.

Rethinking Race and Digital Divides: Lisa Nakamura and Peter A. Chow-White, eds. Race After the Internet. Routledge, 2012. 343 pp.

Colonial Trains, Postcolonial Tracks: Marian Aguiar. Tracking Modernity: India’s Railway and the Culture of Mobility. University of Minnesota Press, 2011, xxiv +226 pp.

The Art World’s Dark Matter: Gregory Sholette.  Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture. Pluto Press, 2011. 240 pp.

Deconstructing the “Middle Class”; Constructing its Transnational History: A. Ricardo Lopez and Barbara Weinstein (eds.) The Making of the Middle Class: Toward a Transnational History. Duke University Press, 2012. 446pp.

No Local: Globalization and the Remaking of Americanism: Sarika Chandra. Dislocalism: The Crisis of Globalization and the Remobilizing of Americanism. OhioStateUniversity Press. 2011. 303pp.

Critical Practice as Desire: Robyn Wiegman. Object Lessons. Duke University Press, 2012. 398 pp.


Books Available for Review

In addition to inviting reviewers for the books listed below, we also welcome proposals for longer review essays, focusing on recent or forthcoming (2012-) titles. If you are interested in contributing a review or a review essay to RCT, please write to us at

Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman. Against the Closet: Black Political Longing and the Erotics of Race. Duke UP, 2012.

Dora Apel. War Culture and the Contest of Images. Rutgers UP, 2012.

Chadwick Allen. Trans-Indigenous: Methodologies for Global Native Literary Studies. University of Minnesota Press, 2012.

Andrew Baldwin, Laura Cameron, and Audrey Kobayashi, eds. Rethinking the Great White North: Race, Nature, and the Historical Geographies of Whiteness in Canada. University of British Columbia Press, 2012.

James Cairns and Alan Sears. The Democratic Imagination: Envisioning Popular Power in the Twenty-First Century. University of Toronto Press, 2012.

Eric Cazdyn. The Already Dead: The New Time of Politics, Culture, and Illness. Duke UP, 2012.

Hamid Dabashi. The Arab Spring: The End of Postcolonialism. Zed Books, 2012.

Élisabeth de Fontenay. Trans. Will Bishop. Without Offending Humans: A Critique of Animal Rights. University of Minnesota Press, 2012.

Mel Y. Chen. Animacies: Biopolitics, Racial Mattering, and Queer Affect. Duke UP, 2012.

Wolfgang Ernst. Digital Memory and the Archive. University of Minnesota Press, 2012.

Judith Farquhar and Qicheng Zhang. Ten Thousand Things: Nurturing Life in Contemporary Beijing. Zone Books, 2012.

Roderick A. Ferguson. The Reorder of Things: The University and Its Pedagogies of Minority Difference. University of Minnesota Press, 2012.

Melissa S. Fisher. Wall Street Women. Duke UP, 2012.

Stephanie Foote and Elizabeth Mazzolini, eds. Histories of the Dustheap: Waste, Material Cultures, Social Justice. MIT Press, 2012.

Margot Francis. Creative Subversions: Whiteness, Indigeneity, and the National Imaginary. University of British Columbia Press, 2012.

Philip S. Gorski, ed. Bourdieu and Historical Analysis. Duke UP, 2012.

Dianne Harris. Little White Houses: How the Postwar Home Constructed Race in America. University of Minnesota Press, 2013.

Marie-Hélène Huet. The Culture of Disaster. University of Chicago Press, 2012.

Engin F. Isin. Citizens Without Frontiers. Contiuum, 2012.

Ralina L. Joseph. Transcending Blackness: From the New Millennium Mulatta to the Exceptional Multiracial. Duke UP, 2012.

Sarah Kember and Joanna Zylinska. Life After New Media: Mediation as a Vital Process. MIT Press, 2012.

Maurizio Lazzarato. Trans. Joshua David Jordan. The Making of the Indebted Man. MIT Semiotext(e), 2012.

Jonathan Levy. Freaks of Fortune: The Emerging World of Capitalism and Risk in America. Harvard UP, 2012.

Denise Markonish, ed. Oh, Canada: Contemporary Art from North North America. MIT Press, 2012.

Michelle Murphy. Seizing the Means of Reproduction: Entanglements of Feminism, Health, and Technoscience. Duke UP, 2012.

Sianne Ngai. Our Aesthetic Categories: Zany, Cute, Interesting. Harvard UP, 2012.

Bruce Robbins. Perpetual War: Cosmopolitanism from the Viewpoint of Violence. Duke UP, 2012.

Hilary Rose and Steven Rose. Genes, Cells and Brains: The Promethean Promises of the New Biology. Verso, 2012.

Jacqueline Rose. The Last Resistance. Verso, 2013.

Srila Roy, ed. New South Asian Feminisms: Paradoxes and Possibilities. Zed Books, 2012.

Tony D. Sampson. Virality: Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks. University of Minnesota Press, 2012.

Roberto Schwarz. Two Girls. Trans. Francis Mulhern. Verso, 2013.

Gilbert Simondon. Trans. Drew S. Burk. Two Lessons on Animal and Man.University of Minnesota Press, 2012.

Matt Stahl. Unfree Masters: Recording Artists and the Politics of Work. Duke UP, 2012.

Jonathan Sterne. MP3: The Meaning of a Format. Duke UP, 2012.

Linda Tuhiwai Smith. Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples. Zed Books, 2012.

John Urry. Societies Beyond Oil: Oil Dregs and Social Futures. Zed Books, 2013.

McKenzie Wark. Telesthesia: Communication, Culture & Class. Polity, 2012.

Sara Warner. Acts of Gaiety: LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure. University of Michigan Press, 2012.

Cary Wolfe. Before the Law: Humans and Other Animals in a Biopolitical Frame. University of Chicago Press, 2012.

Matthew Wolf-Meyer. The Slumbering Masses: Sleep, Medicine & Modern American Life. University of Minnesota Press, 2012.


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