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David Fasenfest

Political Leadership and Social Transformation


SYMPOSIUM: Brazil under President Dilma Rousseff: A Preliminary Assessment


Anthony W Pereira
Continuity is Not Lack of Change


Lecio Morais and Alfredo Saad-Filho 
Neo-Developmentalism and the Challenges of Economic Policy-Making under Dilma Rousseff


Mahrukh Doctor
Brazil’s New Government and Trade: An Evaluation of Policy and Performance


Juliana Bertazzo
Brazilian Security and Defense Policy under President Dilma Rousseff: Transition and Initial Challenges


Fiona Macaulay
Deepening the Federative Pact? The Dilma Government’s Approach to Crime, Justice and Policing


Par Engstrom 
Brazilian Foreign Policy and Human Rights: Change and Continuity under Dilma


Anthony Hall and Sue Branford
Development, Dams and Dilma: The Saga of Belo Monte


Carolina Matos
Media Democratization in Brazil and Future Challenges


Paul Heritage
The Game is Violent! Opening Gambits at the Ministry of Culture


Juliana Bertazzo 
An Initial Survey of the Dilma Rousseff Administration in Brazil




Andrew Stevens
Labor, Governance, and Ecological Politics


Devereaux Kennedy
Constructing the Geo-culture and Strengthening the Core


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