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‘A Dangerous Method’


Bruno Bosteels on Marx and Freud in Latin America

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Combining political philosophy, art history, and literary criticism, Bruno Bosteels’s new book, Marx and Freud in Latin America, presents a sharp and highly original analysis of the continuing influence of Marxism and psychoanalysis on the continent of Latin America. Presenting ten case studies, Bosteels eloquently illustrates how art and literature have matched even the most searing of militant tracts in terms of creating radical modes of understanding subjectivity within regions that have undergone decades of political and social upheaval. Demonstrating how these cultural forms rupture binaries such as object/subject, criticism/theory, and literature/philosophy, Bosteels turns a critical eye on works ranging from detective pulp novels in Mexico to experimental film in Cuba, advancing a renewed interdisciplinary method of inquiry.

Bosteels, in conversation with Professor Federico Finchelstein, will discuss his new work, and the untimely relevance of two radical thinkers alien to the continent who inspired its activists and artists alike.

This event is sponsored by The Janey Program in Latin American Studies at the New School for Social Research and Verso Books. 


Thursday, November 8, 2012


The New School

80 Fifth Avenue, Room 529

New York, NY10011


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