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Seumas Milne


Public Lecture
with Seumas Milne of The Guardian
5 – 7.00pm 28 November 2012
Arts A, University of Sussex, Falmer

Facebook event

Seumas Milne’s Guardian essays on the West’s war on terror provoked angry denunciations on both sides of the Atlantic. A decade later, the advocates of violent capitalism have been silenced and the left vindicated, with free-market globalization and liberal interventionism discredited by the 2008 crash and a disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Revenge of History presents a compelling perspective on the convulsions that have brought us to epochal change.

This is a unique opportunity to hear one of Britain’s most outspoken opponents of neoliberalism speak in Brighton. Don’t miss it!

This public lecture has been co-organised by the Sussex and Brighton Critical Thought Research Seminar Series and the Brighton New Left Initiative in collaboration with Verso.


“Seumas Milne’s masterly investigation… is one of the finest political exposes in our time.” John Pilger

“Riveting. It knocks spots off the usual ‘whodunnit’.” Guardian

Further praise for Milne’s The Enemy Within:

“An astonishing book.” Nation

“A tribute to detailed journalistic investigation… strips away the myths and lies.” New Statesman



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