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Please join us at this major international conference on dissenting social
movements past and present, here at the University of Michigan, October 31 to November 2: “A New Insurgency: ‘The Port Huron Statement’ in Its Time and Ours.”

Visit the conference website now —* and let students, colleagues, friends, and co-workers know about it. All events
are free and open to the public. University classes are welcomed to

Fifty years ago, in June 1962, dozens of activists belonging to Students
for a Democratic Society (SDS) met in Port Huron, Michigan, to draft a
manifesto for a new era of protest. The document they produced, ‘The Port Huron Statement’:
grasped the spirit of the Black Freedom Struggle, the peace movement, and the anti-colonial revolution abroad. It presented a radical vision of social justice and what democracy in action could mean—and it spread the word about an awakening New Left that would soon shake the world.

“A New Insurgency: *The Port Huron Statement *in Its Time and Ours”
features leading activists and distinguished scholars. They will examine
the local, national, and global scene of social struggles, 1958-1965, and
compare the movements of those times with the “new insurgency” of the past few years—from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, the “indignados” and anti-austerity rallies of Europe, and mass student campaigns for educational equality from Chile to Quebec.

“A New Insurgency” has been organized by University of Michigan faculty,
students, and staff and supported by contributions from a wide range of
campus departments, institutes, and administration offices. Please fill out
the free registration on the conference website, and find news about
the Preview Lecture and Film Series: and other campus events throughout September and October, that are associated
with “A New Insurgency.”

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