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Daily Archives: October 18th, 2012



International Socialism: A quarterly journal of socialist theory

1) International Socialism 136 out now!

The new issue of International Socialism is now available. With Alex Callinicos on the US presidential election, Esme Choonara and Yuri Prasad on the crisis of black leadership, Donny Gluckstein on democracy: fact and fetish, Alex Anievas, Adam Fabry and Robert Knox on Obama’s foreign policy, Paul Blackledge on the politics of John Holloway, Nicola Ginsburgh reviews Owen Jones’s Chavs, Guglielmo Carchedi asks “Could Keynes end the slump?”, Sebastian Zehetmair and John Rose on Paul Levi, Amy Leather reviews a book on responses to the Bradford Riots, Laura Cooke on the impact of the recession on workers in Britain, Joseph Choonara rounds-up recent papers on political economy, Richard Seymour and Panos Garganas offer differing takes on the situation in Greece, and Jeffery R. Webber responds in the debate on Bolivia. Plus reviews and pick of the quarter. The journal is online at and can be ordered from the website or from the office (contact details below).

2) Videos from ISJ weekend school on Marxism and Revolution Today.

International Socialism hosted a successful weekend school on revolution last month. Around 125 people attended over the course of the weekend. Videos of all the speakers and discussions can be found online here:„2

3) Workshop on State Capitalism in East Asia.

A number of ISJ contributors have been involved in organising a workshop on State Capitalism in East Asia at the School of Oriantal and African Studies (SOAS). The workshop seeks to investigate the role of state capitalism in East Asian economic development, looking at commonalities across the conventional boundaries of ‘capitalist’ and ‘communist’ countries. It brings together scholars from South Korea and the UK who are working on this topic for the first time. The event will be held on 6 November in the Brunei Gallery at the Russell Squarecampus of SOAS. For more details, go to

4) Historical Materialism London Conference 2012

The eighth annual London conference hosted by the Historical Materialism journal will take place at SOAS on the weekend of 8-11 November. With the theme “Weighs Like A Nightmare”, this year’s conference “focuses on the returns and the persistence of political forms and theoretical problems, on the uses and abuses of the history of Marxism…and on the ways and forms in which an inheritance of various Marxist traditions can help us to organise and to act in this turbulent present”. A number of regular ISJ contributors will be giving papers at the conference. A provisional timetable, registration details and more are available at the website:

International Socialism

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