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G.W.F. Hegel


The Gillian Rose ‘Hegel Contra Sociology’ Reading Group will hold its first meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday 24 October at University College London (UCL), Foster Court Room 112, Gower Street (Tube: Russell Square or Goodge Street).

Map at:,-0.1326&st=7&mapp=map.srf

The group will meet every alternate Wednesdays, so subsequent readings for the rest of 2012 will take place on 7 Nov, 21 Nov, 5 Dec and 19 Dec.

All welcome


The controversial 235-page text, by Britain’s best Post-War philosopher, first published in 1981, has now been republished by Verso. Uniquely, Hegel Contra Sociology, in challenging the legacy of Neo-Kantianism and its impact on Marxism and sociology in general, provides a dense but concise overview of all of Hegel’s main works: the System of Ethical Life, the Philosophy of Right, Phenomenology of Spirit, the Aesthetics and the Science of Logic.

The first session (or two) will be on chapter one, ‘The Antinomies of Sociological Reason’.

Dave Black will lead off the discussion.

David Black, Convenor




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