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7th of November 2012, 7pm, Khalili lecture theatre, SOAS.

Presentation of the international platform ArtLeaks and on the urgency of launching the ArtLeaks Gazette
Corina L. Apostol, Vlad Morariu, Vladan Jeremic, Dmitry Vilensky

ArtLeaks is an international platform for cultural workers where instances of abuse, corruption and exploitation are exposed and submitted for public inquiry. ArtLeaks stresses the urgent need to seriously revise these workers’ relationship with institutions, networks and economies involved with the production and consumption of art and culture. The goal of ArtLeaks is to create a space where one could engage directly with actual conditions of cultural work internationally – conditions that affect those working in cultural production as well as those from traditionally creative fields. Furthermore, ArtLeaks is developing in the direction of creating transversal alliances between local activist and cultural workers groups, through which we may collectively tackle situation of repression and inequality.

While building on previous models that emerged in the highly politicized milieus of the 1970s and 1980s, such as the institutional critique practice of left-wing collectives like Art Workers Coalition, The Guerrilla Art Action Group, Art & Language, PAD/D, Group Material to name just a few, ArtLeaks seeks to expand the scope of these historical precedents towards international geo-political engagement. One of the outcome of ArtLeaks working assemblies was the establishment of alliances with international groups such as: W.A.G.E.(NYC), Occupy Museums (NYC), Arts & Labor (NYC), Haben und Brauchen (Berlin), the Precarious Workers Brigade (London), The May Congress of Creative Workers (Moscow).

For the 2012 Historical Materialism Conference, members of ArtLeaks will present the outcome of their previous working assemblies which took place this year in Berlin, Moscow and Belgrade and bring up for discussion the urgent need to establish ArtLeaks Gazette (forthcoming 2013). This regular, on-line publication aims to be a tool for empowerment in the face of the systemic abuse of cultural workers’ basic labor rights, repression or even blatant censorship, and the growing corporatization of culture that we face today.

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